Sep 13, 2013 Did commented on SLLOTD: Pissed Off.
Running warm water over your genitals can help stimulate urination. PIP should try getting in the shower with his wife and using the shower head on himself until he can get a good stream going.
Apr 30, 2013 Did commented on SL Letter of the Day: They Make Vibrating Hairbrushes?.
Setting aside the skeeziness of a parent trying to stealthily provide their child with a sex toy...that particular hairbrush wouldn't even be a /good/ sex toy. I guess the vibrating parts might work for clitoral stimulation, but it would make for a pretty shitty dildo. Cleaning vaginal secretions out of those thin seams on the sides of the handle would be nigh impossible.

What's the point of getting a hairbrush sex toy if you can't even use it for penetration? If vibration is all you want from your improvised sex toy, you'd be better off with an electric toothbrush or a back massager - things a young person can easily obtain and experiment with on their own(as I did) without the embarrassment of their parent poking their nose into their sex life.
Dec 16, 2012 Did commented on I Am Adam Lanza's Mother.
Christianity is the worst mental illness.
Oct 16, 2012 Did commented on How to Talk About Marriage Equality.
@18 - What the hell are you rambling about? Learn how to speak English properly before you try to make a point.
Oct 10, 2012 Did commented on Savage Love.
A newly-formed fetus does not think, feel, or react to its environment in any way. I will never understand why some people think the rights of a mindless clump of cells should take priority over the physical and emotional wellbeing of an adult woman.

Anti-choice zealots make a lot of noise about "personhood", but they seem more than happy to treat pregnant women more like incubators than people. Are these people completely blind to the ugly reality of pregnancy? Pregnancy is a painful, life-changing, potentially life-threatening ordeal. It can fuck you over in a myriad of ways. You'll be buried in medical bills if anything goes wrong, and good luck paying them when you lose your job because you're too busy puking your guts out all day to work. Why is it fine to put a thinking, feeling adult woman through nine months of hell for the sake of a baby she doesn't want, but morally reprehensible to flush out a little amoeba that is physically incapable of experiencing pain or emotional distress?
Sep 18, 2012 Did commented on SL Letter of the Day: More Than a Mouthful.
Another girl here, chiming in to point out that us womenfolk do, in fact, have refractory periods. The idea of someone of either gender still being cranked up and raring to go when they've just had an orgasm is silly. Some rare individuals might have that "talent", but I imagine that isn't the case for most of us. When I come, I'm done, and I need to wait a while before I'm capable of another orgasm. Sexual fantasies that were hot pre-orgasm are also often downgraded to "meh" post-orgasm.
Sep 6, 2012 Did commented on SL Letter of the Day: Ambulatory Masturbatory Aide.
This woman sounds very weepy and overemotional. If your first reaction to your boyfriend bringing up your low libido is to immediately burst into tears, there's probably something wrong with you besides your low sex drive.
Aug 15, 2012 Did commented on SL Letter of the Day: Hungover and Hurt.
Oh, for fuck's sake. An intoxicated, overzealous boyfriend poking you ONCE in the ass and then backing off the moment you show a sign of discomfort is not rape, you melodramatic morons. It was a stupid and inconsiderate thing to do, but calling a piddling little incident like that rape is making a mountain out of a molehill and insulting people who have suffered real rape.

The real question here is, did the boyfriend just suffer a momentary lapse of judgement from the alcohol, or was he actually hoping he could "sneak" in there while she was drunk? If it's the first, get over it. Sometimes people do stupid, impulsive things when they're under the influence. If it's the second, he's an asshole and he's taking advantage of his girlfriend. DTMFA.
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