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Nov 6, 2013 sticksnstones commented on An Acrobat's Pillow.
"What we have done."

seems like that is what the Henry should be asking themselves these days…
and "when will it end"?

or what about-
"what (or who) have I done to deserve this?"

or how about-
"what haven't I done?"

or maybe-
"what am I doing?"

or plain old-
Oct 9, 2013 sticksnstones commented on Don't Die.
It sounds like our way cool curator himself, Mr. Scott Lawrimore, is channeling some 'old timey' horror film macabre up at the old haunted Frye mansion on the hill these days.
i sure hope he's dressed up as Mr.Vincent Price himself, candelabra in tow, black curtains and all-Just perfect for Halloween!
Did yo know Vincent Price was an art collector, curator, and dealer too? ...just sayin'
Sep 18, 2013 sticksnstones commented on Three Abstractionists Make Stuff.
Yea-like hiking in to the Greg Kucera gallery braving the rough terrain and the scary beasts on the street to paint on pristine white walls in a well lit gallery environment using all your favorite designer tools and materials from Blick? UH HUH...the REAL deal here...."me Greg, you Jen(beats chest)"

A true snorer Jen. Try and get out more and expand the myopic vision syndrome you suffer from so.
Sep 11, 2013 sticksnstones commented on Touching Things.
Such exciting stiff!!! What will they thonk of next? Just a real WOW!!
Sep 5, 2013 sticksnstones commented on Larine Chung: In Search of Self.
It is nice to see the nod go to the optimistic when discussing a local painter and their work(even with its obvious shortcomings) here rather than the usual 'nihilistic' attitude when addressing painting and every hip young comtempo artist these days who has felt the pressure to re-label or deny the genre of "painting"(like changing to "3-D sculpture" (what?) or throw in some medium from another mother) instead of just doing it-for better or worse. Yes that old, tired, uncool, unworthy, and necessarily avoidable schtick to stay away from if youre "gonna make it". As difficult as it really is-we all know that when its right- and great-it just is. Because you cannot make it that if it isn't-no matter how long you sit and think, how hard you work, or how honest, humble,or self effacing you are-period. There is no manipulation, contrivance, or re-labeling of painting that lasts. That in the end makes it great. If it is-it is-plain and simple-and when the next one arrives-we will all know it. It just likely wont be you...or you...or you, you '3-D sculptor' worshipping that West Elm catalog .
P.S. all those other painters you've denied and cruelly negated here are most likely nice, pleasant people/arists too just trying to figure it out as best they can...jus sayin'
Sep 1, 2013 sticksnstones commented on Got Old Stereo Speakers?.
Why is SAM rehashing this B.S. again? Didn't we just see a version of this at The Henry last year? It shows a real lack of good judgement on their part and is a sad statement on the bare bones reality of SAM these days. What happened to Catherine Manchanda and her presence there by the way?
Aug 10, 2013 sticksnstones commented on Loose Lips.
This article presents a refreshing approach to this genre and frankly, a welcome one. The currently installed "Diva of all that is conceptual, kool, and things Lawrimore" has rabbitholed this last bastion of our local art world engagement to sheer 'academic' boredom. Not only tragically uninteresting but narrowed to the point of the interests of a very few. The spectacle of ego and imperiousness renders it only morbidly interesting. This weeks POV shows how opening up a Stranger to the visual art section can be eyeopening to all that has been missing here.
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"Replace Jen Graves with someone relevant and theres a thought.
Jul 25, 2013 sticksnstones commented on "A poet is someone who can fuck people just by speaking to them. ...The work is fucking the space.".
hey 'duped'(@8) Have a look back at the last 50 years of art rags and see how many of those celebrated art stars you recognize-very few. Your list speaks to a successful artist from Seattle living and working in Europe-its called the business of Art. Time will tell. BTW-your name choice of 'duped' is an ironic one. Remember:

All that glitters is not gold...
Jul 24, 2013 sticksnstones commented on "A poet is someone who can fuck people just by speaking to them. ...The work is fucking the space.".
Mr.Tuazon should have kept his mouth shut...

and let his grunge/nouveau environmentalist/nw wilderness man/homesteader-hippie/utopian off-the-grid/70's B.S./ Mother Earth News Lovin' P.R. mystique keep working it's magic for him-because there is clearly little intellect nor ability to present there. The 'wow' factor is in the shocking lack of quality in his content and delivery. It smacks of the moment-especially here in the ol' PNW where we embarrassingly reek of this vernacular schtick. Keep stammering along Oscar-they'll all figure you out soon enough...
Jul 24, 2013 sticksnstones commented on The Flat and the Bumpy.
what was SAM thinking???

it looked like a PNW black tie opening with the blue haired architect/art patron set dolled up in their best alternative fashion gowns.

so boring