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Sep 25, 2014 derpyderpington commented on Boring Report: Man with Little Blue Umbrella Is Killing It.
"So that's what they're up to this week—making sparks fly and playing with color-coordinated cherry pickers and umbrellas"

Fnarf, the mocking tone here is real. People working hard to make a thing are not "playing". The boring report is really just the jerk report. TL;DR - there are still jerks looking out the window at The Stranger.
Sep 24, 2014 derpyderpington commented on Boring Report: Man with Little Blue Umbrella Is Killing It.
Is the boring report a commentary on unfettered density or just an exercise in mocking manual labor?

"I asked, and according to Sound Transit..." Jeez. Can you imagine the poor sound transit guy in charge of fielding those calls? "Hey Murray, it's the Stranger again. They want to talk to you about the guy with the blue umbrella."
Sep 23, 2014 derpyderpington commented on The Morning News: Seattle Has a Shortage of Police, Tech Workers, and Compost.
Tech companies will never figure out that employees willing to jump ship for "free coffee!" aren't worth the Chock Full O' Nuts they're dumping down their throats.
Sep 20, 2014 derpyderpington commented on Outrage at Seattle Housing Authority's Rent Hike Plan.
@2: IKR? Why don't these people just up and move to any number of dying logging towns in east Lewis county? Rents are totally cheap!
Sep 17, 2014 derpyderpington commented on How to Adjust to Multicultural Seattle if You're from a Small Town.
"The French pretty much eat the same way as Americans."

I guess that's why it's call the INTERNATIONAL house of Pancakes. Lécher un de sel s'il vous plaît.
Sep 6, 2014 derpyderpington commented on Wine Not Wine.
@2: Brett tainted barrels are to a wine maker as garlic is to a vampire (the old-school ones, none of this fancy Twilight bullshit). Basically they can't get them out of the house fast enough. A terrible affliction to a wine maker can be a boon to a brewer if they're keen on "barnyard" type beers.

Woodinville, with it's vast number of wineries, is a great source of sour barrels for our local brewing industry. You can find them on craigslist as being "good for planters".
Aug 28, 2014 derpyderpington commented on Ivar's Versus Ethan Stowell.
Chippys is great. The fish is fresh and the batter is light and crispy, NOT BREADED. God how I hate the panko crusted abominations that call themselves "fried fish" in the PNW. The fries do need work though, and I would like a larger portion of tarter. I mean the slab of fish is so large there, a little more tarter woudl go a long way. Also - excellent beer selection.
Aug 28, 2014 derpyderpington commented on Anita Sarkeesian Threatened with Rape and Murder for Daring to Keep Critiquing Video Games.
@13 - this is some kind of long-form performance art piece your doing right? Like Andrew Dice Clay?
Aug 26, 2014 derpyderpington commented on In Culture News: If You've Been Rained Out of Burning Man, Visit Meat Mountain Instead.
With The Strangers stellar coverage of The International this year, I am kind of surprised that the reaction to the Twitch purchase isn't more enthusiastic.
Aug 24, 2014 derpyderpington commented on Sunday Comic.
The comment this is making about Seattle is that Seattle is nothing but a bunch of fucking hipsters and this tattoo is the ultimate in ironic hipster garbage. So yeah, Seattles coolest tattoo, if by Seattle you mean the ever dwindling hipster enclave of Cap Hill. Hey you kids...blah, blah, blah.