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Jul 24 Downlow commented on SL Letter of the Day: License to Dump.
Right on.
Jul 23 Downlow commented on SL Letter of the Day: Kinky Niece.
Matisse, you have no children of your own so spare us the lectures. Not every action a teenager wants to do should be supported and embraced. Parents are there for guidance, not just room and board. This young woman appears to be acting out, acting up, and acting like a spoiled brat loose cannon. She appears to be exhibiting nothing in the way of good judgement. It ain't the kinky sex, it's the "in your face" attitude and disregard for privacy and personal safety, all on a backdrop of no experience. 24/7 slavery of an 18 y.o. and your answer is "sure, go ahead!"? Matisse, stick with cats!
Dec 4, 2013 Downlow commented on Savage Love.
SON: Just no. It's rude and disrespectful to your boss. Find another guy.

NIPPLES: Tell him because it's a hot situation and, if it were me, I'd find it impossible not to instantly rip your clothes off. There's a bit of cuckolding in there, but not so much as to be a problem. It's just hot!
Nov 22, 2013 Downlow commented on What Happened When the Female Head of the Washington State Republican Party Asked to Be Paid as Much as Her Male Predecessor?.
The problem is that republicans only care about or notice a problem when it relates to them personally. As elected representatives, they should reflect either the will of the people or something better based on their greater knowledge of a subject. Republicans are fine with women having less rights, this lady should get with the program of her party.
Mar 5, 2013 Downlow commented on William Saletan Sends Slate Readers to a Picture of a Cock Stuck Full of Needles.
Change letters and you get: Le Satan.
Jan 12, 2013 Downlow commented on This American Death.
It's not about training a 12 y.o. to safely handle a gun. It's about recognizing that 12 y.o. cannot be trained to safely handle a gun EVERY TIME! That's because they are 12! And it doesn't matter how other kids died today, THAT kid did not have to die. That family did not have to be torn apart, nor the killer's, nor their friends. It IS about the guns -- no gun, no death that day on that trampoline. Horrible story.
Sep 19, 2012 Downlow commented on Savage Love Episode 307.
I'm with you on how awful cigarettes are. I can't believe it wasn't that long ago that a oerson could smoke almost anywhere. At work, at the dining table, in airplanes ....it was gross. I once dated, one date only, a woman so beautiful it made your eyes hurt. Stunningly drop dead gorgeous, the most beautiful creature ever created. But she smoked and I just couldn't stand it, not even for a second date.

In college they say that, by far, the most relevant consideration of whether roommates will get along is smoking. That includes places where smoking is not allowed in the room. Why, oh why would anyone start smoking? I'll never know!
May 2, 2012 Downlow joined My Stranger Face
May 2, 2012 Downlow commented on SL Letter of the Day: I Have Nothing Against Fetlife.
Fetlife was never meant to be a dating/hook up site. It is meant to be a place for people to share ideas and encourage them to get out into their local community. If fact, it discourages trying to use it as a dating/hook up site.

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