Apr 17 Tor commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: How Soon Should He Bring Up His DUIs?.
My boyfriend nearly had a weeping breakdown when he "confessed" to me that he had done sex work in his twenties. My reaction was, "so?" Sometimes we build up our past sins far beyond their real dimension.
For whatever it's worth, I like poppers, he does not. So I never use them when I'm with him.
Mar 1 Tor commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Straight Uncle Offers Trans Nephew A Summer in the City (But Mom Says No).
My gay biracial vegetarian Bhuddist sci-fi/fantasy fan nephew lives in a small town in a very red state, where he is considered very strange. I brought him out to the Big City for a long weekend, where he saw that there are hundreds of others just like him. We went to the sci-fi/fantasy book store, where he thought he'd found heaven. He had a great eye-opening experience. I don't know what his plans will be, but at least he knows his city uncle is on his side, and that there are options.
Dec 30, 2016 Tor commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Photographer BF Takes Pictures of Nude Women (And Won't Rule Out Fucking Them).
Going out to dinner and hanging out late are not very professional behaviors, either for the photographer or the model.
Sep 14, 2016 Tor commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Skip That White Wedding.
Will there be free booze?
I have found that interaction with the bride, groom, best man etc, at weddings is extremely minimal. I doubt there will be time or opportunity for arguments, except for, perhaps with the groom's father. Fuck them and stay home.
Aug 10, 2016 Tor commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Gay Virgin Comes Out & Gets Out From Under.
@3: Dirty talk is not for everyone. I can't do it without feeling like an idiot, and if someone dirty talks me, I just want to laugh.
Mar 29, 2016 Tor commented on Oh, Look. A Gun That Folds Up To Look Like a Cell Phone..
I'm curious how that guy attracted attention with a concealed weapon. So it wasn't really concealed? He pulled it on someone? He shot himself in the balls?
Feb 26, 2016 Tor commented on Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump.
Christie evolved.
Feb 22, 2016 Tor commented on How Will We Know When Capitol Hill Isn't the Gayborhood Anymore?.
We have a laundry called Sit and Spin in the Castro.
Jan 19, 2016 Tor commented on When It Comes to Housing, San Francisco Is Doing It Wrong, Seattle Is Doing It Right, Cont..
I wonder which part of San Francisco she visited. Seems there is a new housing project on every other corner, both large and small.

I also think the proposed housing construction moratorium in the Mission is grandly stupid. You don't get more affordable housing by halting new construction.
Dec 14, 2015 Tor commented on Home Desecrating Tips.
At some point in the early-mid 20th century, all cemeteries were removed from within city limits of San Francisco. A stroll (!) through Buena Vista Park will reveal that many of the walkway gutters are lined with old tombstones.