1:28 PM yesterday MikeyC commented on Science News: Exactly What's Wrong With Cliff Mass' Approach to Global Warming, Rare Fin Whale Sighting in Puget Sound.
@5 You are correct. I's not going to go over well with some at Stranger; an example of where the far left comes full circle to meet the far right. Rigor and parsimony are central concepts in science, but when it comes to politicized science it all goes for naught. It's Wrong Think. Witness the comment from the Teutonic Tube Steak.
Jul 21 MikeyC commented on Mike Pence Once Gave Cover to Regimes that Execute Homosexuals.
Well, it certainly is true that the RNC platform "erases the existence of queer Muslims" but Muslims themselves have been doing that in a very real way for a long time now, sometimes by erasing them from rooftops.
Jul 20 MikeyC commented on My Wild Night with the RNC's Openly Gay Underground. Wait, Did I Say 'Wild'? I Meant HORRIBLE..
@6. Oh most definitely the same sort of thing. Kinda. Many fundies don't claim the bible is the *actual* (literal) words of God, just that they were inspired and given the stamp of approval by Ol Yahweh and the events/people recorded in it therefore actually happened/lived. Most non-fundie xtians and Jews readily agree that the bible is not the literal word of God, as any plain reading of that dreadful book would show. That doesn't mean they don't think that drek isn't holy. Just one step removed from Yahweh, thereby giving the religions an out when human society progresses.

However, the Koran purports to be the *actual* (literal) words Allah said. They were simply dictated. One could point out that Allah, in His infinite wisdom, chose to deliver those words through an insane pedophile* and therefore the meaning may have lost something along the way, but that won't do. Not among the Islamist apologists. The Koran (and parts of the Hadith) are Allah's *actual* words.

*One could point to the Satanic Verses - passages originally intended to be in the Koran until it was realized they contradicted others; early Muslim thinkers got around that problem by claiming THOSE passages, though dictated to the pedophile by Gabriel, actually came from Satan. Neat trick, eh? And convenient. No other modification of doctrine has since been allowed.
Jul 20 MikeyC commented on Can "Reparations" Come in the Form of a Borrowed Car?.
"She wanted to "demand what [she] felt was [her] right," and to own that demand."

This is either the highest achievement of Interweb trolldom or the inevitable and tragic consequences of a pathological sense of entitlement. Either way, pathetic.
Jul 20 MikeyC commented on My Wild Night with the RNC's Openly Gay Underground. Wait, Did I Say 'Wild'? I Meant HORRIBLE..
"...I overheard a very misinformed blonde dude shouting to a journalist that Muslims believe that the Quran is LITERALLY THE WORD OF GOD and JEWS AND CHRISTIANS DON’T."

Since you encountered the blonde dude at the RNC convention there is little doubt he is "very misinformed" about a lot of things. But he isn't about the ALL CAPS things.

The Koran and large parts of the Hadith are allegedly comprised of the *literal* words of Allah, spoken by the archangel Gabriel to a cave dwelling homicidal pedophile. The Bible, on the other hand, has very few words directly from either Ol' Yaweh's mouth or through his kid/himself/ghost/whatever. Most of the bible is a compilation of stories told by mere humans, which is why Jews and Christians have been able to change the meaning of their holy book to better suit the age - that's what allowed the reformation to even happen (among many other alterations to Judeo-Christian exegesis over the years). Muslims have a hard time in this regard because, since the Koran and even large parts of the Hadith are the literal words of Allah, it can't therefore be changed. Islam has had its reformation - which gave us Wahhabism and which we can thank for ISIS, Al Quida, the Taliban - so....yeah...very little hope there. Back to the 9th century.
Jul 20 MikeyC commented on History in the Making! Republican-Led Senate Breaks 100-Year Record for Congressional Ineptitude!.
"In 1916, a period in American history not particularly known for its cultural enlightenment, the Senate spent the better part of 125 days arguing about—and ultimately admitting to the Supreme Court—a Jewish Social Justice Warrior."

*rubs temples*. Ok. A little historical perspective is in order. Brandeis was a fierce defender of the right to speech, even of very unpopular opinions - quite the opposite tack of the Regressive Left/ Social Justice Warriors of today who seek to silence dissent. He was a forceful proponent of the right to privacy, not only of one's body but also of ones ideas; the former modern SJWs are firmly behind but the latter...not so much with their witch hunts of people doing Wrong Think and no-platforming of opinions they don't like. He was also a man of his time and voted to uphold Buck v Bell, a case which made it legal to forcibly sterilize the intellectually disabled for the "protection and health of the state", something I think even the most rabid SJW would never support.
Jul 18 MikeyC commented on Turkey Bombs Pennsylvania with Drone Strike.
"But if Turkey was an empire, like the United States...."

Stopped reading right there. If an author is willing to make such a politically motived non-sequitur like that, nothing following is worth reading.
Jul 14 MikeyC commented on Ansel Herz Talks to KUOW About the Former SPOG President Who Resigned Over a Controversial Facebook Post.
@4 He didn't get fired. He resigned. Probably would have been canned though. It sure looks like a dipshit tweet and it would have been funny to see him twist in the wind trying to explain why he was misunderstood.

But these days there is just no point in trying to defend oneself. If you don't think the RIGHT WAY you are a Shitlord, by definition. Once you are accused of Wrong Think you are guilty, so no matter what he thought he meant, there is just no percentage in trying to defend it. I don't know what the Stranger said about the twit (don't care to look it up either....he's gone now) to make him feel it was mischaracterized. He could have left it up and tried to explain what he actually meant. But that will not do, irrespective of what he actually meant. He is the Other and he must be put in the stocks.
Jul 14 MikeyC commented on Ansel Herz Talks to KUOW About the Former SPOG President Who Resigned Over a Controversial Facebook Post.
"If the Stranger twisted the meaning of the tweet... why delete the tweet?"

Really? All it takes to be convicted of wrong think these days is to be accused of it.
Jul 14 MikeyC commented on Seattle Police Are Looking for Info About Attacks Targeting Black People in the Central District.
"Central/Cap Hill/Beacon Hill" is pro-cop, white supremacist?
In what world does that exist?"

Here at the Stranger that is anywhere whitey lives.