Jan 13 MikeyC commented on Angle Lake Station Is Another Huge Link Success.
@4 - That's the point, numbskull. They leave their cars at the station instead of driving them into Seattle. *sheeesh*.
Jan 13 MikeyC commented on Every Person You Know Is STILL Sick as Washington State Faces Flu Epidemic.
@13 What (s)he said. Some protection is better than none.

A brief science input here - the reasons vaccinated people sometimes still get sick are varied. Sometimes it's because they've encountered a virus for which the vaccine is not effective. Sometimes they are infected with a virus that the vaccine is usually effective against but the virus has changed and the vaccine loses efficacy. Sometimes people are mis-diagnosed with the flu and only think they've are infected (flu symptoms are shared with other respiratory diseases).

But underlying all those "sometimes" is the host defenses; our individual immune systems. Our ability to respond to a particular virus in the context of the vaccine depends on a huge number of variables, including heredity, age and co-morbidity (other pathologies including illnesses, diseases or conditions).

That's a long-winded way of saying a vaccine doesn't necessarily protect you from illness - it just reduces the risk and severity. Wash your hands frequently and if you're sick stay home or at least do what you can to keep your bodily fluids from becoming airborne or left behind on surfaces.
Jan 12 MikeyC commented on Major Sports-Arena Corporation Considering Constructing a World-Class Facility At KeyArena Site.
"Public/private". It's that first word that's got my knickers in a twist. I'm olde enough to remember when the SeaChickens wanted us to buy them a new stadium right next door to the one we just built and it was voted down. Then a billionaire bought a new election and how could we refuse such a rich gnome? So we coughed up something like half a billion dollars. Woo-hoo! Yeah! Go SeaChickens. Now we get to fund another stadium of, for and by rich people. Woo-hoo! Go Whatever Sports Team Plays There! Fuck the public schools.
Jan 12 MikeyC commented on Major Sports-Arena Corporation Considering Constructing a World-Class Facility At KeyArena Site.
So my sons go to public high school here in Seattle, along with 56,000 other children. Next year SPS is going to have to cut staff city wide in order to make budget. Both my son's schools have yearly fundraisers to buy copy paper and other school supplies and this is not uncommon throughout SPS. One fundraiser was to provide salary for a teaching position that was otherwise going to be cut. Neither of my son's school's are able to do any badly needed capital improvements (leaking roofs are only the start) and I'm told that almost no other SPS school can either. In 2012 the Washington Supremes ordered the state to comply with the Constitution and fulfill the state's obligations to fund education - the order has been repeated at least twice and the state even held in contempt and still nothing.

But! Seattle needs another arena for millionaires so we're going to have to cough up the dough for that.

Fuckin A.
Jan 11 MikeyC commented on Where to Get a Flu Shot in Seattle.
@5 - it's not a guess. The vaccines are tested against the strains that are present. Only those which show efficacy are approved. Although the flu does change from year to year and it is likely that viruses around today differ a bit from mid 2016, the vaccines are designed against parts of the virus that don't vary much. Still, it is formally possibly that you could get infected by a newly mutated virus that your particular vaccine is not effective against, but the chances are very slim. Anyway, there are now 13 different flu vaccines available for the 2016-2017 flu season, all injected vaccines; only one nasal route vaccine was approved for this year (a quadrivalent vaccine made by MedImmune). The dominant strain of virus this year is not effectively treated with the nasal vaccines (except for one of MedImmune's). The vaccines are updated on a yearly basis depending on the influenza strain(s). The U.S. CDC and the equivalent in every other country have in place surveillance and monitoring protocols that are geared to identifying yearly emerging strains. Often the newly emergent strains are effectively targeted by existing vaccines, but occasionally new vaccines have to be developed. For more details see https://www.cdc.gov/flu/protect/keyfacts…
Jan 11 MikeyC commented on The Body Found In the Lily Pond Once Belonged to Amy Vanderbeck.
So I've read through this and the earlier piece by Charles and I cannot see why people are so upset at him. Maybe you don't like his style but he didn't write anything that, IMO, could be construed as disrespectful or anyway nothing worthy of the hate here and in the earlier piece. There may be other agendas in play, but at the very least one should recognize that in your grief your may have misunderstood Charles.

RIP, Ms Vanderbeck (I knew her distantly). You leave behind a world better for your presence in it, but it's a bit less bright now.
Jan 10 MikeyC commented on The Morning News: State AG Wants Assault Weapon Reform, Burien Becomes a "Sanctuary City".
@4 Always a larf seeing gun-buggers try to justify their psycho-pathology; "assault weapons" are "modern sporting rifles". An early contender for the 2017 Doublespeak Award last won in 2015 by Senator Joni Ernst (Lunatic, Iowa), for referring to Keystone XL Pipeline legislation as "Keystone Jobs Bill".
Jan 3 MikeyC commented on The Morning News: Happy New Year! It's Time to Fight Back.
Ahhhh. damn it. I tried, but I can't resist; the pedant in me just won't let it go.

Both the headline from the Mt Rainier bit; "To Prevent Mudslides, Mount Rainier Gets New Digital Warning System" and this sentence; "The upgrades could help prevent a much more catastrophic lahar from Mount Rainier..." are deeply weird.

No warning system, no matter how sophisticated it is, is going to prevent mudslides or even lahars. This new system may well be useful in WARNING people of impending mudslides and catastrophic lahars, but ol' Mom Nature isn't going to be impressed by it and will throw mud (or lahars) at us whenever she damn well pleases.

Just saying
Dec 19, 2016 MikeyC commented on The Hamilton Electors Movement Seems to Have Failed.
@23 "Bernie carried everywhere Hillary lost in the general." What? This makes no sense on any level.

If you are saying Bernie "carried" the Democratic party nomination "everywhere Hilliary lost in the general" election you are deeply confused about which election actually puts people into office and who votes in it.

If you think Bernie "carried" votes for the presidency "everywhere Hilliary lost in the general" election you are nuts. Only about a dozen states even allow write-ins for president and Bernie did not get significant votes in any of them.

Stop sucking your thumb.
Dec 19, 2016 MikeyC commented on The Hamilton Electors Movement Seems to Have Failed.
@13 No. Not a chance. A racist feeble-minded narcissist was elected to the presidency as he is a reflection of this country, but there was no way in hell a socialist would have been. An atheist had a better chances than a socialist, which is to say zero.