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May 10, 2012 ellipses commented on Obama Comes Out for Same-Sex Marriage.
I guess I'm an outlier too, Dan. Of course I recognize the significance of Obama coming out personally in support of marriage rights. I get that it's a big step, that his record on gay rights has spoken itself, that this statement was both unexpected as well as a long time coming... I just wonder how much good it does for us to keep patting ourselves and each other on the back for expressing personal support for equality and fairness--particularly when those expressions of solidarity come with the caveat that it should be up to the voters to decide who is considered equal and deserving of fairness. It is no longer a question of states' rights when certain groups of people in those states are systematically deprived of equal protection under the law, when they are denied access to political and social institutions (along with the resources and influence those institutions provide), when discrimination is woven into the fabric of society through public policy. Allowing the majority to decide who is and is not entitled to full and equal citizenship always proves problematic for minorities seeking recognition and respect for their personhood. Given the pain and suffering these laws are causing every day in states where voters have apparently decided that "those people" do not deserve the same rights, I would say that maybe we should be treating personal expressions of support for marriage equality as a must, not a plus, from the politicians we elect to office.