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Oct 16, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on Rand Paul Mocked an "Origami Condom" Because He's a Short-Sighted Moron.
@Paul & 2, hope you had a chance to watch the complete extended interview that 8 posted. O'Reilly yelling back at at an audience member "I'm not here because I'm white, I'm here because I'm obnoxious!", and looking honestly shocked when when he realized the cameras were still recording near the end. The edit was poor because not only did it run over, they minimized how badly O'Reilly came off.

TIL Bill O'Reilly is self aware.
Oct 15, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on I Love Television.
Shut your whore mouth Humpy. Everyone knows that the scent of Teen Spirit is much more apropos for the bacony stank of rotting flesh.
Oct 15, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on What Would Happen to Our Democracy if We Replaced Voting with a Lottery?.
An interesting thought experiment. As several others have pointed out, there does appear to be some scaling and other problems doing this legislatively. What about using a lottery as an ombudsman role? Give them access to specialists and to politicians, and tweak the organization to minimize the politicalization of topics/legislation. Yes, it would hold little to no hard powers, so you would have to maximize the soft power of direct contact of legislators with lottery drawn citizens. I like the idea of short circuiting Citizens United with a lottery, but I'm afraid it'll be just as open, if not more so to abuse.

As a side note, here's an article that interviewed 90 members of congress to ask their viewpoints on the current breakdowns. It strengthens my belief that although there are structural issues of living under a republic, it's the outside factors that are trying to stop any dialog for proactive solutions that are having a disproportionate impact on our current politic.…
Sep 17, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on A Man Died Falling from This Homeless Encampment.
Have an article talking about how Utah has cut their homeless numbers and costs by offering actual permanent housing. Also a bonus stat from Florida on how those in shelters are five times more likely to be homeless again versus those that get actual housing. We have a group(s) in this state that do the same thing with the same positive response. Legal or illegal, camps aren't the answer, they're the bare minimum response.…
Jul 15, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on The Tuesday Morning News.
A reminder that today is the last day to post a comment on the FCC website before they rule on Net Neutrality. Strangely, over half of the comments seem to be missing from their page. Not so surprising, their page is down again, but you can still submit your comment via e-mail. Send your comment to the FCC’s dedicated inbox, to respond to the questions below...

1) Should fast lanes be banned?

2) Should broadband providers be classified as Title II Common Carriers?

3) Should these same rules apply to wireless (mobile) providers?

You can also call (888) 225-5322, then press 1, 4, 0.
Jun 17, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on The Stranger Asks Glenn Greenwald About Microsoft, Snowden, and What to Fear Now.
As of 2001, Microsoft, was surreptitiously capable of storing all web searches and history, cookies, emails among other data that could literally not be viewed within Windows itself. I can only imagine how they've improved on their abilities post 9/11.…

Skype used to be point to point, ie, would connected directly to whomever you wanted to talk with. For some reason, one of Microsoft first updates after purchase was to introduce their own servers as a middleman during every conversation there after. This might be what Greenald is referring to.
Jun 12, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on NYT: Seattle Is a Galactic Playa in Cloud Computing.
@7 It's all fun and games during the early days, then one day you turn around and there's a monopoly in your face.

This kind of reminds me of Microsoft's early days of investing and forcing the standardization of the desktop OS and apps. Strongarming everyone else in the marketplace can generate legal and public backlash once you're on top, but not so much during the creation and buildout phase. Amazon seems to have learned a lot from the Microsoft libertarian business playbook.

Read an article recently (can't find it right now), that talked about the large percentage of companies that are opting to use Amazon's cloud services instead of building their own. I'm sure that will go swimmingly when Amazon wants something from a company running on their cloud...

"That's a nice book/accounting system you have here, it'd be a shame if anything happened..."
Jun 4, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on Capital, American Slavery, Marvelous Sugar Baby, and Thomas Piketty.
Have a short documentary here on the new debtor prison system. I'm still shocked we're going back to this, including our own state.

"This is the story of Hali Wood, a seventeen-year-old from Columbiana, Alabama who is deeply in debt to the private probation company, JCS. "…
Jun 3, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on Thomas Piketty on The Colbert Report.
Huffington Post posted a long interview yesterday with both Piketty and Elizabeth Warren.…
Jun 1, 2014 Large Hardon Colluder commented on The Sunday Morning News.
Is it me, or does the continuing revelations about government abuses over our privacy rights, are ones that we've already given up to the internet and companies, with hackers thrown in? I don't really see things improving until they're addressed as two sides of the same coin.

@19 Good on you for stepping up.

@11 Floyd Odlum was a major stakeholder in Convair, the company that created the rockets, thus donating for the line item that would be added back in. A man who was strategically selling short for the 1929 crash, and made bank buying up companies at fire sale prices during the last great depression. We actually did this system, where the rich did self interest funded public works. Mark Twain labeled it "The Gilded Age" because in practice it looked shiny on the outside, but it was decaying crap once you got past the veneer.

Not thinking of asking the people and corporations that spurred on and profit from this war of choice to chip in to help soldiers who lost parts of themselves in a war of choice does seems fairly fucked up as well dood.