Mar 5, 2013 biInMN commented on Savage Love Episode 332.
The roommate's boyfriend sounds potentially dangerous. I would advise that woman not only to get a lock for her bedroom door, but to be careful not to be alone with that guy in the apartment and to let her roommate know that's how she feels.

I know serious sleepwalkers too, but anyone who's decent and halfway smart knows the responsibility is on the sleepwalker to make sure he's not doing something creepy (walking around naked) or dangerous (sleepwalking outside, turning on the stove, etc.). This guy can set up little booby traps to wake him or his girlfriend up when he sleepwalks--put a bell on the doorknob of their bedroom, a long rope on his ankle tied to the bed, whatever.

The caller could suggest some of these things under the guise of "we don't want him wandering outside or starting a fire" if she really doesn't want to rock the boat. And of course there are medications that help with sleepwalking. But I don't buy that story and I'd keep very close eye on that guy and how he acts toward the caller.
Dec 8, 2012 biInMN commented on Savage Love Episode 319.
Where is the holiday intro music? I can't get enough of those jingle bells and it IS Advent now.
Nov 6, 2012 biInMN commented on Savage Love Episode 315.
For the caller who works in the group home: self-determination is a pretty big thing these days for those concerned with the rights of developmentally disabled adults. I would look at the rights of your residents as outlined by the company who owns your group home to see if there's something you can point to when you talk to your employer about having these conversations with the residents. I'm guessing there's also a distinction between people who are considered legally competent to consent and those who aren't. Riding the Bus With My Sister is an interesting memoir that really gets into these issues of sex, sterilization, refusing medical care, etc. for adults with developmental disabilities. But at a very basic level, it seems like these guys have a right (and maybe already had exposure through their school experiences) to a jr. high health class kind of discussion about safe sex and good relationships. I wonder, too, if you could get more acceptance around the topic if, when discussing it with family/employer, you hide it a little in the hypothetical "if they get engaged/married, they should still understand birth control and consent, etc." With the guys you could present it as "you know your parents think sex is only for married people, but it's important to know XYZ because sometimes people have sex even when they're not married and sex in any relationship should be safe and consensual. Here's how."
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May 15, 2012 biInMN commented on Savage Love Episode 291.
Dan and others, I want more practical tips on coming out as bi when you're in an opposite sex marriage. I did come out as bi to immediate family and friends in college (but I think a lot of them assume now that because I've only been with men since and am married to one, that it was a phase). And I think a lot of people who've known me for a while even as a married woman wouldn't be surprised because I do comment on women being attractive (but that's a little hard to make clear what you're saying and not sound lecherous). But people who know me casually and with whom these topics never come up don't know--it feels like the "I'm an alcoholic" kind of statement to shoehorn into our interactions. My state is voting on marriage equality so I'm planning on coming out on Facebook close to election in case that shakes up anyone's opinions. But I'm struggling to figure out how to do it...