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Feb 6, 2016 Purrl commented on Google Shuts Down Amazon Unionization Website (UPDATE).
All the rantings against and paranoia about Big Government are totally unwarranted and distractions to the real danger to our society and freedom . . . Big Tech.

Just sayin'
Feb 4, 2016 Purrl commented on An Anonymous Website Is Asking for Amazon Employees' Horror Stories.
Going back to the NYT pieces that started the ball rolling . . . I read it thoroughly more than once after the firestorm started. Though not an current or former Amazon employee, it certainly didn't seem like a total hatchet job. Rather, it seemed more in the vein of a myth-busting piece. So Amazon isn't Shangri-la. What corporation in the 21st century is?

While the days of 24/7 bone crushing, back breaking physical labor might be over, at least in the US workplace, today the horrors now center around 24/7 punishing psychological and emotional abuse. Aren't you happy that progress has brought us so far?
Nov 13, 2015 Purrl commented on Attention, Capitol Hill Property Manager: It Took 45 Minutes to Get from Shoreline to Downtown on the Bus This Morning.
Of course, the big joke is that Shoreline or Lake Forest Park are any less expensive than Capital Hill. If you want to save money on housing move to Iowa. Seriously. Otherwise, if you want to live anywhere in the greater Seattle metro area be prepared to pay and pay and pay until it hurts . . . nay, be prepared to pay and pay and pay until you're bleeding from every pore. You wanted to live here and sought us out like a heat seeking missile. so suck it up and stop whining.
Oct 13, 2015 Purrl commented on When Five Restaurateurs Own 40 Restaurants, What Does That Mean for Seattle's Dining Scene?.
This is a backhanded way of shilling for them. What's that old adage? "There's no such thing as bad publicity." Yeah, Stranger. We were all born yesterday.
Sep 11, 2015 Purrl commented on Here’s How the City Could Stop Those Special Move-In Deals for Tech Workers.
Uh, does anybody remember discounted rents in many buildings have been offered to UW students for as long as I can remember? What's galling is that your neighbor down the hall, who might well be living in a bigger and better apartment, is paying less than you. That sucks, no matter what the circumstances of the discount might be. It's blatantly discriminatory to those outside a certain class of renter. Period. There is NO justification for it. Especially when, as we keep hearing, Seattle rental housing is in short supply while those wishing to rent aren't.
Sep 3, 2015 Purrl commented on The Life and Death of Amazon Is the Life and Death of Seattle.
There is an inherent danger in becoming a one-horse town. Amazon's continued success (or continued residency in Seattle in the age of global technology) is not guaranteed by God Almighty. Back in the early 1950s, you can be sure that nobody could have foreseen the rapid and steep decline of the then insanely successful US auto companies, a decline that turned a once vibrant, thriving American city into the walking dead. Without actively promoting a more diverse economy and by allowing itself to become dependent on one mega company (beyond even the dependence it once had on Boeing), Seattle is setting itself up to become a Detroit. Just hope that you can cash out your real estate before that happens. Nothing lasts forever, Dude. Not even Amazon.
Jun 12, 2015 Purrl commented on Saint Laurent Is a Fashion Don't.
The few Saint Laurent designs seen in the movies are the only really interesting things in it. If there was anything at all interesting about him as a person, you would never know it from this. If I were forced to give it a star rating, it would get 2.
Feb 16, 2015 Purrl commented on Why People in Washington Are Freaked Out About the Oil Train That Exploded in West Virginia Today.
These trains pass through so many smaller communities and under I-5 so close to the road surface in some places that an accident like that here could well have both tragic and long-term economic impacts (a stretch of I-5 gone and needing rebuilding, state and federal tax funding needed, detours through local communities on streets and roads not meant for the detoured traffic volume significantly delaying commercial traffic and adding to freight costs, local businesses cut off from customers, rerouted emergency vehicles taking longer to respond to calls, etc., etc. The tracks were laid at a time when railroads didn't haul cargo as hazardous as they're hauling now. The trains have also increased in frequency (I can hear, see, and count them), statistically raising the hazard risk. I drove along a section of track north of the city today and saw dozens of tank cars parked perilously close to a busy, major intersection while switching was going on. An auto accident in proximity to such activity could potentially ignite a firestorm. Washington is playing Russian roulette with these trains running through so many populated areas on tracks that were laid in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Yeah, the concern is real and very well-founded. The only people not concerned are those who live far from the trains or think there's money to be made from them. The cost in the event of a disaster could easily wipe out any economic benefit for years to come.
Jan 6, 2015 Purrl commented on Northgate Mall Wet Seal Employees Slam Company with Sign in Store Window.
35 - Get a life. It would surprise you to know I am quite liberal in both politics and life. However, I'm not a liberal of the selfie-obsessed, entitlement generation, who seem to think that the world owes them something because they're all so, so very special. They represent the epic fail at parenting of my generation. We blew it.

All the world owes you is the oxygen you breathe, so suck it up because I'm sucking it up right along with you.
Jan 6, 2015 Purrl commented on Northgate Mall Wet Seal Employees Slam Company with Sign in Store Window.
When a company goes into meltdown, as Wet Seal has done, it's employees go into meltdown with it. Been there; done that. No corporation owes employees anything but compensation for work done. Nothing is guaranteed beyond that. It's just a cold, hard fact of life, whether we like it or not.

These folks should put their time and energy into finding other jobs, not wasting it on bashing their soon to be former employer. Online grandstanding at its most unproductive.