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Jun 12 Purrl commented on Saint Laurent Is a Fashion Don't.
The few Saint Laurent designs seen in the movies are the only really interesting things in it. If there was anything at all interesting about him as a person, you would never know it from this. If I were forced to give it a star rating, it would get 2.
Feb 16 Purrl commented on Why People in Washington Are Freaked Out About the Oil Train That Exploded in West Virginia Today.
These trains pass through so many smaller communities and under I-5 so close to the road surface in some places that an accident like that here could well have both tragic and long-term economic impacts (a stretch of I-5 gone and needing rebuilding, state and federal tax funding needed, detours through local communities on streets and roads not meant for the detoured traffic volume significantly delaying commercial traffic and adding to freight costs, local businesses cut off from customers, rerouted emergency vehicles taking longer to respond to calls, etc., etc. The tracks were laid at a time when railroads didn't haul cargo as hazardous as they're hauling now. The trains have also increased in frequency (I can hear, see, and count them), statistically raising the hazard risk. I drove along a section of track north of the city today and saw dozens of tank cars parked perilously close to a busy, major intersection while switching was going on. An auto accident in proximity to such activity could potentially ignite a firestorm. Washington is playing Russian roulette with these trains running through so many populated areas on tracks that were laid in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Yeah, the concern is real and very well-founded. The only people not concerned are those who live far from the trains or think there's money to be made from them. The cost in the event of a disaster could easily wipe out any economic benefit for years to come.
Jan 6 Purrl commented on Northgate Mall Wet Seal Employees Slam Company with Sign in Store Window.
35 - Get a life. It would surprise you to know I am quite liberal in both politics and life. However, I'm not a liberal of the selfie-obsessed, entitlement generation, who seem to think that the world owes them something because they're all so, so very special. They represent the epic fail at parenting of my generation. We blew it.

All the world owes you is the oxygen you breathe, so suck it up because I'm sucking it up right along with you.
Jan 6 Purrl commented on Northgate Mall Wet Seal Employees Slam Company with Sign in Store Window.
When a company goes into meltdown, as Wet Seal has done, it's employees go into meltdown with it. Been there; done that. No corporation owes employees anything but compensation for work done. Nothing is guaranteed beyond that. It's just a cold, hard fact of life, whether we like it or not.

These folks should put their time and energy into finding other jobs, not wasting it on bashing their soon to be former employer. Online grandstanding at its most unproductive.
Dec 16, 2014 Purrl commented on Guest Editorial: Seattle, Pull the Plug on the Tunnel Unless You Can Answer These Seven Questions.
Dominic's piece is a painful reminder of how dumbed down The Stranger has become. It's target audience now seems to be pot and booze addled undergrads.

Yeah. let's have more Drunk of the Week type columns.
Nov 30, 2014 Purrl commented on Hey, You Know Those Fragrances Stores Use to Lure You Inside?.
I like fragrances. I like scented candles. I like incense. I like room sprays. I like scented aftershaves. I like scented drawer liners. I like scented deodorant. I like scented moisturizers and lotions. I like scented soaps and bath products.

I'm hopelessly politically incorrect when it comes to fragrance in the Seattle of today. And, know what? I don't give a rat's ass If other's have politically correct issues with fragrance in any form.
Nov 26, 2014 Purrl commented on The Death of the Anchor Store.
I very seriously doubt that Amazon has anything at all to do with the decline of Sears and J. C. Penney. That's just an easy straw man that's been used far too often by lazy journalists.

Rather, consider the insane growth in aspirational spending that has led to Americans being buried under record levels of debt trying to live lifestyles they can't afford.

Many Americans have jobs with titles that make it sound as though they are executives or corporate professionals, ergo, they feel they can and should live as though they are, even when their incomes don't quite square up. But that's how they've been skillfully manipulated to feel.

The sorry and painful truth few want to realize or accept is that 40 years ago those same types of jobs had titles such as clerk or secretary, although back then in terms of real adjusted-for-inflation income, they probably actually paid more.

So several generations that, in truth, really can't afford shopping higher up the food chain than Sears and J. C. Penney, refuse to go to either because these are too downscale for their fairy tale self-images and have no cache among their equally self-deluded peers.

Since this cohort won't even let itself be seen walking through their doors, both retailers threw in the towel awhile ago when it came to stocking merchandise that would appeal to younger customers. After all, why stock stuff that's just going to gather dust on a shelf in an empty store?

So, Sears and Penney began spiraling downward as a result of losing touch with potential new customers. Their brief, abortive attempts to draw in new customers were so badly done (Penney in particular) that they alienated forever the faithful customer base they were relying on to keep them going. So Sears and J.C. Penney become retail wastelands, victims of America's increasingly dysfunctional, unrealistic economic values as well as their own poor retail strategies.

Nov 17, 2014 Purrl commented on Who Makes Seattle’s Best Sandwich Now?.
Grinders in Shoreline, notwithstanding, there is still NO great hoagie to be had here. The late, great Other Coast Deli came the closest to hoagie heaven, but after it's owner sold it nothing appeared to take its place. Sigh.
Nov 13, 2014 Purrl commented on Nine Employees Speak Out in Defense of Paseo Owners as Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy.
I'm so over Paseo closing. Move on. This story's legs are buckling.
Nov 11, 2014 Purrl commented on What We Know So Far About the Wage Theft Lawsuit Against Paseo.
Among the small minority that wasn't all that impressed by Paseo's offerings, I won't miss it, but I will feel sad and angry if the former employee allegations turn out to be true.

Wage theft IS theft, and it's shameful that a segment of the restaurant industry feels it must engage in this criminal practice in order to make money.

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