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Apr 10 Purrl commented on Good-Bye to Piecora's.
There is not now, nor has there ever been, any really "great" pizza in Seattle (and I include the pretentious celebrity chef versions in that statement). It's just not endemic to the region and always seem to be missing some essential, non-tangible ingredient.

That said, it's really sad to see Piecora's go because it hastens the end of the Seattle many of us loved as well as its total transformation into LA north, without the terrific weather to justify the now great expense of living here.
Apr 3 Purrl commented on Battle Between Vulnerable Tenants and Goodman Real Estate Gets To the Heart of What Kind of City Seattle Wants To Be.
I've begun actively discouraging people in other parts of the country to not consider relocating to Seattle under any circumstances and am already plotting my own escape.

Seattle has rapidly become one of the mot unpleasant cities to live in in the US, and it has crummy weather most of the time to boot (no California sunshine or NYC cultural riches justifications for it being so overpriced).

Really, any out-of-towners reading The Stranger and thinking about moving here. Think twice. Then think three times. Then consider going somewhere else. Unless your dreams at night consist solely of working in IT at Amazon, moving here is pointless and you'll be mighty sorry if you do.
Apr 2 Purrl commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.
This empty argument about a $15.00 minimum wage putting small, independent businesses out of business is a lot of smoke and mirrors meant to deflect your attention away from a ugly truth.

There are many companies, and particularly health care organizations, in Seattle that pay employees who are very rightly defined as skilled, less than $15.00 an hour. Raising their wages would cut into the take homes and generous perks given to a lot of senior level executives and administrators in those companies.

This "poor indie business" line of reasoning is a red herring.

The fact that The Stranger keeps pushing it should be a clear indication to every one of its readers with whom The Stranger's sympathies really lie. It ain't those little guys; it's Seattle's big corporate and health care movers and shakers.
Apr 1 Purrl commented on Someone Just Broke Vermillion's Windows in Broad Daylight.
Busting out windows at Starbuck's or Amazon I can sorta understand. But Vermillion?

I'm thinkin' out of balance Chi and target of opportunity.
Mar 22 Purrl commented on Lars von Trier's Fucking Ridiculous Nymphomaniac: Volume I.
Lars Von Trier . . . what happens when you put a money and a camera in the hands of a seriously unhinged mind.

If he was American rather than Euro trash, nobody would take his garbage at all seriously.
Mar 20 Purrl commented on The San Francisco Toast Trend Hits Seattle.
More evidence that the air on the West Coast is getting thinner every day.

If you must spend $4.00 on toast; you are 1. oxygen-deprived, 2. a very young person recently released from Mom's kitchen who doesn't even know how to boil water for tea, or 3. a hopelessly idiotic synchophant.

Meanwhile, our house has both bread and a toaster. We'll be downing our toast with coffee from our coffee maker.
Mar 12 Purrl commented on Small Businesses Are Not the Enemy.
What's missing from the entire "conversation" is any meaningful discussion about what real estate developers are doing to the cost of living and doing business in Seattle.

It seems to be a de facto policy of both the Seattle and King County government to relocate the "poor" (as in anyone who doesn't work in application development for Amazon, Microsoft, Google, or some other tech firm) out of the metropolitan area -- the sooner the better.

There's also a major fallacy at work here -- that only small business owners and retailers are paying low wages. Wrong, many companies not even mentioned in the debate are paying well below $15.00 an hour for skilled jobs that aren't in tech development (a way to subsidize the high wages of those tech workers).

The issue is much larger than your local independent barista's wages or those of the checkout associate at Wal-Mart. But many of Seattle's major corporations want you to believe otherwise.

Mar 11 Purrl commented on Now Closed.
The Greenwood Mandarin Restaurant has been gone for quite awhile. You just now figured that out? It's sorely missed.

Boom Noodle - good riddance.
Feb 27 Purrl commented on I Love Television.
Hannibal - I find it a little disheartening that the only glimpse most Americans will ever get of the work of fine Danish screen actor, Mads Mikkelsen, is in an especially creepy portrayal of Hannibal Lecter. I hope he's getting a lot of money for it because I don't think it bodes well for his future career.
Jan 21 Purrl commented on Saving Metro Won't Be Pretty.
This will just accelerate our timeline for moving out of Seattle and King County. We no longer want nor need to live in the city to be close to work.

We'll be fewer heads for Dow Constantine to tax, as well as fewer customers for Seattle/King County real estate, products, and services. But that will be their problem, not ours.

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