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May 16, 2012 asdghjkl; joined My Stranger Face
May 16, 2012 asdghjkl; commented on Introducing... the Most Terrible Teenager on the Planet!.
you dont even know anything about him . you're wrong about half the shit that you said about him . if you're gunna go on here and call him a dick then atleast know what your talking about . he is an amazing MAN not teenager , he cares so much for all his fans and loves them from the bottem of his perfect heart . he takes the time every time he has a show to come out side and meet each & every one of them . he doesnt have to do that , but he does . he goes to the studio every single day for his fans . to make them happy . to give them his new music . he takes time out of his day to reply to almost every tweet he gets . hes not an ass hole , you are dickhead .