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Apr 14 thatmathchick commented on Declaration of Seattle Principles for New Out-of-Town Hires at The Stranger.
Is that a weird anti-Semitic statement at the bottom?
Feb 1, 2013 thatmathchick commented on Is My Landlord Being Honest Here?.
I found the Tenants Union very helpful when I had landlord problems ( I highly recommend them.
May 17, 2012 thatmathchick commented on Working the Phones of an Abortion Fund Hotline.
You can also directly give money to fund abortions for women in the Pacific Northwest here:

The CAIR Project, the abortion fund mentioned in the article, is an all-volunteer organization that pays for procedures at a variety of clinics including Planned Parenthood. Definitely a great way to help women in need right away!
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