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Mar 25, 2016 susannabluhm commented on Ask Us Anything About Our Caucus Endorsement(s).
If The Stranger really could not decide whom to endorse (which is plenty troubling in itself), I wish you had simply published a sincere conversation about that. Instead you made Seattle voters the butt of a joke. And since it was a joke framed in ageism, I will go there: Newsflash, aging white gay men running the Stranger: You're flattering your Hillary-voting selves if you think the stereotypical age break in this election is 30. It's more like 50.
Mar 23, 2016 susannabluhm commented on Support the Real Progressive.
I guess this is what suicide looks like for a newspaper. It was a good run, Stranger.
May 31, 2013 susannabluhm commented on So Long, David Byrd.
I'm so sad to read this. But also stunned and grateful for the uncanny timing that allowed him to experience this show. This all reads like fiction. I loved the show and will always remember his paintings.

Jan 16, 2013 susannabluhm commented on How to Say No and What Art Has to Do with It.
This all brings to mind the Le Tigre song "Gone B4 Yr Home." The male part goes:

"Now baby, I know I make about twice the money you make

and I'm never called a stupid whore or a fake,

and I don't structure my life around the fear of murder, dismemberment, or rape

but I hardly see what that has to do with OUR relationship."

Nov 15, 2012 susannabluhm commented on 216 Nipples Later.
@59, 62, 63, 64 YES!!!!!! I am SO GLAD this conversation got so much richer-- it's thanks to your article Jen. (Incidentally, your "Fuck you" to the liberated enlightened "feminist" calling us pussies made you my hero.)
Nov 14, 2012 susannabluhm commented on 216 Nipples Later.
Great article.

Thank you especially for this:

"Of course, calling yourself a feminist is easy; what matters is how you act it out (obviously). So: We are all feminists here. Check. Next question: What does a feminist do?"

Nov 9, 2012 susannabluhm commented on Taking Whatshertits to Another Level: Ben Beres's Print Is Cut from a Show at Cornish.
Sharon, before I say anything else, I want to clarify how very much I think you add to the art community here. I also appreciate that we can have a heated conversation like this without it becoming personal. There are not many people I'd rather have such a conversation with. XO.

Carrying on,

Another thing that nags at me about this show is the title. Ils disent means "They [they being two or more people, at least one of whom is male] say." But the English-speaking eye merely sees the similarity to the English word DISSENT. Titled this way, the show presents itself as a dissent. A protest. Of what? Elles. (As in, the shows.) What else could it be? Ils. Elles. Disent. Dissent.

It is problematic to have a show (of male artists) dissent from the Elles shows.

That said, I don't think the male artists in the show are dissenting; I think YOU are, by curating this show and titling it this way. Rather than curate another all-women show this month you have dissented and curated an all-men show. I don't think you did this because you're anti-feminist. I think you did it because it was subversive.

The result is problematic. But, nonetheless, I'm glad you did it. It's better to take risks and have messy conversations than to stay safe and boring.


Nov 9, 2012 susannabluhm commented on Taking Whatshertits to Another Level: Ben Beres's Print Is Cut from a Show at Cornish.
@31 THANK YOU. That is THE ONE thing that's been missing in this conversation.

The boobs were fine. It's a funny piece that makes you think for like 15 whole minutes. People feeling sexually harassed in their workplace and then having the courage to come forward with it is a good thing. So, taking it down makes sense. All fine. Let's see the whole piece online though soon?

What's not fine with me is having this piece, and this show of male artists (and I like those male artists! I admire their work and they are friends of mine!) take center stage the one month--of, oh, THE CENTURY-- that women have the stage.

Motherfucking backseat it! JUST THIS ONCE!

May 19, 2012 susannabluhm commented on Are You a Non-Rich-and-Powerful Person and Have You Ever Felt Excluded or Intimidated at an Art Museum? THEN JOIN US. (Queering the Art Museum Week on Slog, Part 7).
Seeing HIDE/SEEK was like seeing all of these artists as people for the first time. In Art History classes, the personal lives of straight artists were always deemed relevant to their work, but the opposite was supposedly true with gay artists. The show had a huge impact on me now as a queer artist and it would have meant even more to me as a young lesbian growing up in L.A. I needed it more then but still need it now.

A very sincere thank you to Jonathan Katz and TAM.

Susanna Bluhm