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May 6, 2013 pstinson commented on Cutting Remarks.
Don't circumcise your infant because during a small number of sexual experiences you decided that you hate foreskins and that all men do as well.

I think infant circumcision is wrong. It's not the wrongest thing that's ever been wrong, and it doesn't make you a bad person if our society's horrific castigation of anything remotely "different" about sex pressured you into making that decision because you thought that your child would be happier...but just because its only moderately wrong doesn't make it right. Stunned defensive exclamations aside, the foreskin can be an important sexual organ.

I'm commenting because I have had phimosis. Fortunately it was of a type that was easily corrected by a non-circumcision surgical procedure. I had a knowledgable and sensitive urologist who offered circumcision as an OPTION but did not recommend it. I know that I was fortunate in this. I also had parents who told me from a young age that I was not circumcised and my father and most kids were, so I didn't experience this as some grotesque discovery.

I'm not sure why we seem to be more frightened of experiencing inconvenience late in life die to phimosis than of the small but constant risk of death or mutilation due to circumcision in ANY setting, with ANY kind of tools.

It also strikes me totally inappropriate that anatomical diagrams depict a circumcised penis without comment. Despite my parents' best efforts I did feel strange with an uncut penis, due largely to the phimosis which I did not explain to anyone or deal with till I was 18 due to discomfort. Despite having a fuller sex Ed curriculum than most US students I did not have the mental tools to deal with my problem or process that I had a medical condition. What does THAT say about our society.

Anyway, my fellow Savage readers, whether you cut or not, please educate your kids about their own and others' bodies. Then maybe NO ONE will get treated as a freak by their sex partner and seek surgical correction, or regret a past surgery.
Apr 18, 2013 pstinson commented on Savage Love.
I had phimosis until the age of 18, when I had it fixed surgically. This does NOT require circumcision. Consult your urologist and ask for your options. If you have any interest in keeping your foreskin, mention that!

I guess the non-surgical option sounds ideal if you can pull it off, but it sounds unpleasant. Phimosis can manifest pretty differently but in my case it would have been absolutely agonizing. My foreskin was physically fastened to my head!
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May 19, 2012 pstinson commented on SL Letter of the Day: Show This Woman Some Love.
I don't have any advice for you, but you inspire me. It's people like you who make life worth living for everyone.