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May 23, 2012 drscott69 commented on The Rush to Prohibit Kratom.
as of 5-17-2012 in louisiana due to myself and a few associates were directly responsible for getting S.B. No. 130 floor ammended on 5-17-2012 to allow an 18 year age restriction instead of making kratom an illegal schedule 1 substance here in louisiana. Our law makers had no idea what kratom isor any of its almost miraculous benefits. The bill is now back in the senate for concurrence,or as per sen. Crowe,if the senate cannot agree to this, the senator would veto/squash the bill alltogether. This is a huge victory for kratom researchers nationwide. The time is now to stand up and take action in your respective states, as soon as you see/hear anything about kratom in your states legislature A.S.A.P..and its not as impossible as most people think to affect state laws. So call/e-mail your respective senators/legislators(ALL OF THEM!!!)before its too late and all of our Constitutional Rights are dissolved or erroded away due to pure blatent ignorance on the part of our lawmakers all for there own political aspirations and nothing more!!! All I can say is, never give up, or what you are fighting for, will be given up for you!-