Jun 13, 2013 kifar commented on Save Capitol Hill: Don't Kill Anyone.
The Mission District dickheads already did this and it was stupid then. Get a new angle!
Nov 6, 2012 kifar commented on Election Night on the Hill—Things are Happening (in Places)!.
The Wild Rose should advertise the fact that many of its clientele are nasty, rude, beast-like womyn with chips on their shoulders..
Aug 24, 2012 kifar commented on "A Cat Knows What Anarchy Is".
cats are jerks
Jun 6, 2012 kifar commented on Grindr Does Good.
I use Grindr to chat, and its great for that, and to connect with the larger community. Sex, not so much. Seems a lot of the young guys on Grindr (at least in SF/Seattle) have impatient, almost compulsive personalities when it comes to sex. They won't meet you for a beer and a chat first, they just want to come over and f**k, and if you're not down with that or you just aren't looking for sex at that particular moment, then they're often insulted/insulting. Seems kinda shallow to me, and way too much drama. I don't commit to sex with *anyone* until after I've met them in person; its a rule.
May 23, 2012 kifar commented on Meet the UW "Swagga Suit".
I like how you can see his junk.
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