Apr 11 paulh commented on The Stranger's Guide to the Best Japanese Restaurants in Seattle.
second yoroshiku. get yourself there.
Mar 26, 2015 paulh commented on An Important Homeless Encampments Decision Is Now In the Hands of Bruce Harrell and Sally Bagshaw.
I greatly appreciate this advocacy-reporting: thorough investigation with reference to what citizens can do prior to the outcome. thank you!
Feb 6, 2015 paulh commented on Adorable or Deplorable? My New Two-Word Architecture Column!!.
As architect for one of these fine mixed-use buildings, I welcome the dialogue, the criticism, appreciation, trolling, thoughtfulness -- hell, even just noticing.

@2, oh yes, curves, that's a classic. Look to the turrets and tourettes that that you see around town. If an architect can't get a straight line right, what make you think that a curve is going to go down better?
@4, now that's a spot-on comment. Design Review often leads us towards the strap-on approach, see turrets, above.
@5, that is a fantastic building. Nice balance between providing texture to a facade and the "Cosby" or "measles" approach seen of late. BTW, @14, the Cosby reference is perfect.
@7, your last paragraph is exactly the vantage point for designing block after block of housing. Each should be a beautiful flower of proportion and scale, but we should be creating a field and not a series of unique wonders. Soon, it should be the culture that tenants and businesses and a growing landscape that make it a neighborhood, not some fantastical architectural wonder that grows tiresome with the years.
@8, no they do not. perhaps they should.
@18, the zoning code is a mess, and instead of making if more unified, we seem to be chopping it into smaller and smaller, less understandable bits. Sadly, design is dictated by code limits and construction budgets, along with a near-sighted DR process.

All in all, fantastically bad architecture is in every city, along with a few beauties. I love trying to do great things when given the chance, and love hearing all the actual feedback. It would be great if some Seattle publication actually had architectural critique -- because it isn't happening through the design review process.
Jan 23, 2015 paulh commented on Sprawl, WET's Campy 12th Avenue Arts Debut, Is a Pleasantly Diverting Swipe at the Disaster Genre.
I'll agree that it is lightweight, and that it is FUN. The camp is well balanced, silly and not overly thick. Solid set, pacing and acting -- we had a great time.
Dec 29, 2014 paulh commented on Cavity Search: X'treme S'toner S'mores™.
i tried the day-old dick's cheeseburger in a waffle iron as an "i'm too drunk to know better" treat. i was not drunk enough.

this looks like an equally great concoction.
Oct 6, 2014 paulh commented on City Hall Sideboob Shocker! (Or, Linkage Fees Explained).
Sometimes the snarkiness of the Stranger hits the right note, but not here. I think if people understood the differential between a reasonable profit, and what current rent models actually mean, this subject of linkage fees would not be difficult to comprehend. The linkage fees target the 50-80% AMI range, which is a huge gap in the houding stock. Market rate developers should be building a percentage of housing as affordable if they want to play in Seattle. If we want a great city, we need to dictate the terms and not just hope it will all work out in the end.

The 0-50% AMI range is, and should be, addressed in a different manner -- this is the housing that state and local funds should handle. For that, a fight for permenant funding of the Housing Trust Fund is in order.

In the mean time, here in Seattle, the linkage fee will address a large problem, quickly. But only if council and the mayor get behind it, and make it go into effect quickly.
Sep 27, 2014 paulh commented on No Good Deed Is a Very Good Thriller.
we deserve to have movies of the quality that inspire this kind of review.
Sep 25, 2014 paulh commented on Does the Mayor's Housing Affordability Committee Include Anyone Displaced by Rising Rents?.
ansel ... have you looked into how linkage fees that is going through council right now? a small but important step.
Sep 15, 2014 paulh commented on Central Link's Success Reveals Seattle's Poor Crowd Skills.
I come here for Mudede posts, but if there were a way to filter out redundant "I just don't understand Mudede" posts, I'd be all in.
Aug 27, 2014 paulh commented on Seattle Police Officer John Marion Is At It Again, Apparently.
I'm glad the SPD is doing such a fantastic job of showing why they are the problem. Ricardo's expectation of having an offices cell phone is so discordant with our present mindset, but so obviously part of the community policing solution. Every public space needs a "mayor," that person who knows and is invested, be that a shop keeper, or a block watch captain -- and those mayors need immediate access to back-up they can trust. It's that trust that is missing.

With great frequency it seems to take six-eight police cars to manage one brown drunk in pioneer square. I hate the police a little more each time I witness one of these overreactions.