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English is not my first language and I know that a cold sore is herpes.

@97: I may have not clearly said what I intended to say. What I wanted to say was that you'd be exposed to it and make it clear that prevalence is really high.

BTW, one thing that no one has considered is that the there is probably a more than 50% chance (depending on where they live) that the 18 year old already has antibodies against HSV1 so he's not at risk for anything from the woman...
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Everyone who is blaming the woman here: if you want to keep shaming the woman, you can, but first go out and get an antibody test for HSV1, HSV2, and EBV. That way you guys can disclose too, 'cause I bet plenty of you are infected but since you don't know, you don't tell.
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@49 1/9? Try 1/3. 33% of people are seropositive for HSV2. 66% for HSV1. 50% for EBV (mono, also caused by a herpes virus).

These are diseases that are easily transmitted and highly prevalent. If you don't know about them, you shouldn't be having sex. If you don't know a cold sore is caused by herpes virus, you are not ready to have sex. If you are planning on kissing more than 3 people in your life, you should know that the risk of exposure is high.

The woman disclosed. Yeah, she used "cold sore" instead of "herpes". We're allowed to use euphemisms for touchy subjects on things that are the a responsible sexually active adult should know.

It was a bad idea all around. But both of them share the blame equally for whatever happens so no one is the bad guy, just two people making a mistake. Whatever happens to each is on each of them.

He got lucky he was fucking a woman that obviously gets checked out (so she's unlikely to have other STIs) and that was taken suppressive medication for the one that she did have. If she had herpes, didn't know, wasn't on suppressive therapy, and infected him people would consider her as not bad because she didn't know.
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It might be possible he didn't detest them until he actually thought about it later. It's hard to detest friend. It takes effort and introspection.
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Cato the Younger Younger as comment #2 is paranoid and stupid. I'm getting so pissed off at that argument now. Do you have evidence? Have you considered that whoever discovers a cure beats all the other pharmaceuticals that only have treatments and gets to take all the cash? Not to mention the prestige of curing HIV or a type of cancer! You can't buy publicity like that!