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Nov 17, 2012 AmberGris commented on 216 Nipples Later.
I’m relieved to see that most of the implications that this visual and it’s treatment brought to mind, were addressed intelligently in the article, thank-you Jen Graves. The annoying fact still lingers, that this artist may actually be an upstanding guy, who yet doesn’t truly appreciate his privileged ease in reducing the subject of female artists into a discussion of boob sizes while gaining notoriety for himself, or that he accomplished this by violating the privacy of the unconsented women named-- a privacy he continues to disrespect. It’s therefore difficult to believe he understands the topics he has presented. His art work (and highlighting it in an article, sorry) doesn't allow for women to express more than their petty enduring struggles against patriarchy. This may be part of the point being conveyed but continually reiterating that alone does not assist women to move past it. In fact, reiteration of the topic (especially done in a blasé manner from a male artist) contains the potential to reinforce it. Everyone is not given space in the art world and this button-pushing piece may likely sell for more money and get more attention than complex thoughtful works from other male or female artists of both shows. This is stupid. Also I'm tired of artists hiding behind the ambiguity of their pieces as though that constitutes expressing something significant-- sometimes it does-- sometimes it's just throwing out an easy insult and then getting the h*** out of Dodge.
Jun 1, 2012 AmberGris joined My Stranger Face
Jun 1, 2012 AmberGris commented on Former Girlfriend on Ian Stawicki: "It's either nothing or really bad.".
It's easy to think you'd have the guts to press charges on someone who is violent, owns a gun, and who has built up a lot of emotions towards you-- but I imagine you'd be weighing 2 scenarios in each hand: one, you ignite all his anger/emotions to focus on you and spark a more horrific disaster than the one you just experienced; two, you nicely duck away and let his anger cool, heal, fester, grow or otherwise be dealt with someway away from your person. As much as I wish people would take the first hand-- that's a wish for my own safety, not theirs. You can't blame someone for making a decision that most likely kept them alive. Stawiki's motive for shooting people in that cafe could have been as simple as being angry for being removed from the cafe earlier that week-- whatever is was, it obviously didn't take much to inspire him. Which one of you who blames the girlfriend would have been stupid enough to knowingly make this man extremely angry at you? The girlfriend dodged a bullet. Good on her. I'm sorry it is easier to shift the blame than to admit no one knows how to safely deal with someone who refuses to deal with themselves. And if you aren't currently risking your own life to keep other people safe, you are a hypocrite for blaming someone else for not doing it. And if you are risking your life to keep others safe-- you truly understand what a selfless act is-- and that it's not selfless to wish it on others.