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Aug 17 abrock_ca commented on SL Letter of the Day: Potential Murder, She Wrote.
Regardless if this guy is actually going to go through with his fantasies or if, as some have said, they are probably all in his head and he won't act on them - why is she staying with him?

It doesn't sound like they have any common interests; there aren't any kids; he doesn't seem willing to work on his depression.

I understand she may feel guilty leaving him when he has health issues (mental in this case). And it may cost her to support him if they break up. And they have a long history. But she needs to ask the question: Is she better off with or without him? Even without the killing fantasies, it seems the answer is she is better off without him.

Aug 13 abrock_ca commented on Republican Candidate Reveals Affair, Suspends Campaign, Leaves Name on Ballot Just In Case Voters Elect Her Anyway.
#14 - hilarious!

Gia...well, I'm thrilled she's cool with same sex marriage. I do think the younger generation doesn't give a flying frack about it. Even republicans in that generation don't care.

I wish her the best of luck in getting her life together; but this may not be the best time for her to run for office, given all the other stuff going on.

If she runs later, hopefully her experiences allow her, as a republican, to sympathize with the safety net and other programs traditionally panned by republicans.
Jul 2 abrock_ca commented on Summer Is for Skinny People.
"You fantasize about falling into a coma and waking up wasted away"

Yes! and when I wake up, a gorgeous doctor is looking down at me, adoring me....

Doesn't have to be a coma; a nice, wasting illness that I totally recover from works...
Jul 1 abrock_ca commented on Someone Needs to Get This Guy a DVD Box Set of Oz.
Thank you, Dan! I read that guy's commentary and all I could think was "what the frack? men are all over the TV screen and movie screen; women are portrayed stereotypically all over the place; and you're complaining about ORANGE?"

He needs to get off his whiny hobbyhorse. Look around. Men are NOT underrepresented in media. We finally get a great show centered around women, and he's bitching because he wants more men. Frack him.
Jun 23 abrock_ca commented on Catholic Archbishop Asks Holy Spirit to Cure Gay People.
I'd settle for the Holy Spirit curing cancer. Wouldn't that be more useful on the whole?
Jun 14 abrock_ca commented on The Daily Show on Google Glasses.
I never liked the idea of carrying a phone everywhere so people can get ahold of me any time - yet I'm carrying it.

I don't like the idea of people being able to take pictures this surreptitiously - but of course, hidden cameras (in pens or whatever) have been around for decades.

I agree in a year or two we'll see a lot of these around; I think they won't be Segways. Whether it will be good, bad, or indifferent, guess we'll find out.
Jun 4 abrock_ca commented on We Lost Someone Special During Last Night's Game of Thrones.
#16 - moonmaid, we lose someone special EVERY episode of GOT (or so it feels)...not really a spoiler
Jun 3 abrock_ca commented on John Oliver Enlists Internet Trolls In Effort to Preserve Net Neutrality Prevent Cable Company Fuckery.
I have a blazing fast (sarcasm alert) 4.5 mg DSL download speed from my local internet company. And no options, aside from satellite, which limits amount uploaded/downloaded; we would hit those limits in a week.

If net neutrality goes away, I shudder to think of how slow the sites who don't pay up will be for me.

I posted my comment to the FCC yesterday after watching John Oliver from Sun night.
Jun 3 abrock_ca commented on We Lost Someone Special During Last Night's Game of Thrones.
I knew how the scene was going to end, having read the books. (Yes, the TV show has been changing a lot of things, but pretty sure they wouldn't change that.)

But still heartbreaking to see his arrogance cost him!

Of course, I know what happens to The Mountain (Gregor Cledane) in the books... it ain't pretty.
Jun 3 abrock_ca commented on Actor Fired For Tossing Disruptive Bigot From Theater.
The theater's ushers or management should have dealt with this. The actors shouldn't have had to put up with it.

Doesn't make the violence "right" by any means. But I understand the anger.

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