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May 21 Narbles commented on Miley Cyrus, Cover Queen.
A Gwar song. Really, she should just be the new member of Gwar, since she already has the moves and the faux phalli. RIP Oderus.
May 8 Narbles commented on LiarTownUSA: The Greatest Tumblr Ever.
Liartown has been the best thing on the internet for a while. The book covers are great, and I love his weird obsessions with seagulls, raccoons, retro porn and grocery store fliers.
May 7 Narbles commented on KUOW: "Yes, We Bleeped The Word 'Uterus'".
I learned how cows are inseminated from Jackass.
Apr 16 Narbles commented on Have We Reached Peak Beard?.
I am excited for the inevitable rise of the unibrow.
Apr 4 Narbles commented on Does Gene Simmons Wear a Rug?.
This is literally the worst thing ever:
Mar 25 Narbles commented on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5, Episode 6 RuCap!.
As a reviewer from the AV Club mentioned, the runway in this episode (and really all of the over-the-top Ru worship on the show) reads less as narcissism and more as a take-down of Tyra Banks.
Mar 16 Narbles commented on Fred Phelps: Excommunicated and Near Death.
Maybe they excommunicated him because he finally revealed that WBC is a parody religion intended to make all hateful Christians look bad.
Mar 5 Narbles commented on This Is What Bipartisanship Looks Like?.
If Utah can do this, anyone should be able to:
Feb 7 Narbles commented on "What's a whippet?".
I once saw a dude sitting on the floor of Safeway and huffing whipped cream containers, one after the other. I asked an employee about him and they said the cops were on the way, and he'd done it before. Whippits!

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