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I have been around a lot.

Sep 20, 2012 Gonesouth commented on John Corvino: "If Gay Marriage, Why Not Polygamy?".
Marriage is between adults. Child sex is illegal and should be. Adults can't marry animals because animals have no recognizable legal right of consent. Therefore, marriage is about adults. The slippery slope occurred when divorce was allowed. No one in their right mind would want to live in a society that resulted from that principle. If Adam can marry Eve, why can't Adam mary Steve and Eve and Gail and Frances? Polygamy and polygyny. It would be novel but would die out after awhile. The civilization would not fall apart. Been tried before and people lost interest. Most people want their one 'other', hopefully for ever and ever, but often not so. When people break apart, their lives usually do not end nor does the society crack. What is wrong is the presumption of some people that they have a right to determine who does what voluntarily with whom voluntarily. What is wrong with it all, in my opinion, is that government should not be involved in marriage at all. Marriage is about the devices that people employ to give solidity to their union. You can't call the law because your significant other is sleeping somewhere else. We are born alone and we die alone and the government should be involved in ruling us as little as possible and protecting us as much as possible. No matter how great the union, there are still individuals involved.
Sep 20, 2012 Gonesouth commented on The Eternally Bad Image of the City.
While we are resolving the relative merits of poverty some where else, why not tell us where it's at being poor here in the US. I have been poor in both cities and in the country, and it sucks in any circumstance. Being poor in an urban area can be dangerous, and there is little relief from the grit and grime of the infrastructure. But, if you can bathe and wear clean clothes, there are the free spaces, the library, museums, etc. Not so in the rural area. But in addition to the same social services available in the city, because of the recognition factor, people are more likely to help keep one fed and clothed in the country. Housing is harder to find. There is less to do - hence the roaring drug problem in the country side. People go to the city to get away from the smallness of life in the country and to take advantage of their talents and intellect. Meet more people and become a bigger and better person. People flee the city because they can't take the unfriendliness of it all even in 'friendly' cities, like Seattle (used to be). There is the degraded environment one encounters every day in the city, along with the noise, air and water pollution. And the continuous possibility of violence. I do not think you can say one is better than the other. It is a matter of values. Fortunately for both the city and the country, people are constantly migrating between the two.
Sep 20, 2012 Gonesouth commented on Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
Maine is to Florida what Alabama is to Georgia. Figure that one out, tourist.

Goldwater inspired the youth of the Ayn Rand followers(?). Early Tea Party. He had a flagpole at home in Arizona that raised the flag electrically at sunrise and lowered it at sunset.

He also had as a campaign slogan: "In your heart you know he's right", to which Johnson replied, "In your guts you know he's nuts".

Have any of you superior Seattle types checked out your local history? How about the real world outside your Liberal fog? In your home state?
Sep 20, 2012 Gonesouth commented on This Is What Bi-Phobia Looks Like.
Can Bi-'s give birth? I guess the women ones can. What's kids got to do with Bisexual Day?
All I can say is that I found Berkeley to be quite kinky and definitions were either discarded or subject to semantic deconstruction. That's why it was called Bezerkley way back when. Action was considered a good antidote to an over-pacified populace.
None of the Bi-'s I have met are confused, just the people who want to possess them. They're good in bed for the most part. And, they have a lot more fun and lot more of it. Besides, I think Bi is sexy. Sexier than gay. Sexier than straight who just lets you do it. Not everybody likes to wear their sexuality like a billboard. Not every body has been turned inside out in the name of being socialized.
About the non-logical connection between sex and adults morphing into pederasty and bestiality, I just saw a neighbor grandmother kiss her granddaughter goodbye. Using the twisted mindset of what's his name, I guess that I should infer that she is a lesbian incestuous pederast. I'll be sure to inform her that she should mend her ways. If you hear a loud slap out west, it was the sound of my face getting smacked.
I've noticed that people who keep to themselves get a lot more of it and better models.
Sep 20, 2012 Gonesouth commented on Romney, Losing Independents, Listlessly Picks at His Food.
What makes me sad about this whole thread is that nearly all the commenters are one-sided inarticulate slobs. There are very good reasons why most Americans react negatively to the idea of a Liberal and you are certainly revealing why. What a tower of Babel.

Romney should be sad and contemplative. He tried to walk the narrow line of political schizophrenia and fell off over trivial reportage. What he didn't say is that a lot of his 47% comes from areas of high government endowments. Why would these people vote for him? A lot of them can't stand effete smarmy marmy pussies that most of you read like. You need to go get out of doors away from the rest of the inbred lab mice and take a deep whiff of the human race, American style. Just watch out that someone with blood doesn't try to remove that superior grin from your face while you're remarking on the mote in their eye.

What Romney should be ashamed of is worshiping the god of mammon rather than the bearer of love. So should Obamarama when you get right down to it. 'Let's just throw some more tax payers' money at ward 8' to reinforce the notion that we should feel sorry for them and they need help being human beings.' I guarantee you that all those welfare state programs the liberals are so fond of won't slow the constant stream of homeless I see on the public roads every day way out here in the sticks. It will go for bleeding hearts trying to stop the ones that nature left behind from killing each other.

I do not want any one who is perfect, much less a perfectionist as my leader. That's why I celebrated when McCarthy and Hart fell off their pedestals. The same with Romney. The Republican party missed the boat when they put ole preppy cowboy George in there with his criminal cohorts. I doubt if the GOP will sail on an even keel for a long time. And the Democrats won't take over again, either. You think the Tea Party is bad - wait for the next chapter.

What they need to do with Obama is take away his check book and charge card and tell him not to get out of the oval office chair until he has come up with some things that work. And don't send us another 2 mile long sidewalk out here in our rural village. We don't even have a motel to make a profit from the construction workers. Figure it out. It's not about a lot of smart aleck remarks that a 13 year old would make.
Sep 18, 2012 Gonesouth commented on More Republican Schadenfreude.
@13 Kerry who? Oh, facelift John. Inspired those pickup truck bumper stickers, 'Kerry Is Scary'. The Dems have had some other funny shaped potatoes in their gunny sack, too. Remember Gary Hart, the thematic president wannabe? He got good and mad at America because we didn't embrace him. And Dukakis? Good gawd almighty. Did he ever find his heart? Every body dumps on good ole' President Carter. Only actual Christian President we have had in my lifetime. Made those metrosexual liberals uneasy. So, here we are again with tax and spend on programs that don't actually work - more of a fizz instead of a bang for the buck. And a make the working class suffer and dole out the butter sparingly opponent. I could say what have we come to, but the more I learn about Presidents past, the more I believe in pieces of paper and less in people. As my young Russian friend used to say, this country needs a good Czar and a Patriarch.
Sep 17, 2012 Gonesouth commented on More Republican Schadenfreude.
@4 you really crack me up. That's just what those waaaaay out in right field wing nuts need - is Aunt Pittypat the intellectual to firm up their ability to reason. I don't know why, but the idea of Newt gives me a vision of GIlda Radner as bride of Frankenstein. Or Romneystein. I can't stop laughing. Bring in Trump so that every time some one has an idea his hairdo will flop to the other side. It's really gallows humor, you know, because if this country can't see through the charade, then democracy as we know it is in serious trouble. If you don't believe me about that, just ask Putin. And then there's the jaded long view of history from the Chinese. Maybe the common man works better when kicked in the nuts and is told what to do.
Sep 15, 2012 Gonesouth commented on Slog Poll: Who Is the Real Mitt Romney?.
It is not a matter of who I 'like' as it is what's going to happen. I do not 'like' Obama, but I feel confident about him. I do not 'like' Romney and the possibility that he could be President gives me a very uneasy feeling. Angry father vampire leader, any one?
Sep 15, 2012 Gonesouth commented on Happy Birthday, Steve Gaines! (+ Sally Struthers News).
re: Archie episode. Some of the best acting I have seen on television.

@5 LS and AB are two entirely different bands. I am glad that I haven't heard the best band ever and not be able to enjoy music again for the rest of my life.
Sep 15, 2012 Gonesouth commented on Little Smokies.
If they were circumcising women's clitori there would be louder rumbles than what is happening in Cairo. Religious beliefs? Hell! No wonder Jews, Muslims, and (many) Americans are such angry tribes.