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Apr 26 Buckywunder commented on Seattle Is Pretty Much Game Over: We Will Become Another San Francisco and Vancouver.
Increased housing density through development IS a long-range strategy at fighting climate change. It's just that nobody uses that as a talking point because people's lizard-brains can't absorb it.

And, fwiw, there are many studies that show that producing housing of ANY type helps the overall affordability in the local housing market. The regulations that prevent enough housing from being built are mostly artificial (zoning, financing, subsidies, investment, federal/state/city policy).


If many or all of these are modified/overturned to allow housing to be built by any means necessary (like the SF anarchists BARF are attempting to do), there is a chance that Seattle can still get out in front of the housing affordability crisis. It's just not likely with this mayor who is constitutionally too timid, cautious and conflict-averse to take on the local single-family zoning power structure...
Apr 19 Buckywunder commented on NYT Profiles Controversial, Kick-Ass SF Housing Activist.
"Middle density buildings are the missing link in today's polarized high-rise vs. single-family homes discussion. These building types can generate pleasant cities all on their own (lots of older U.S. cities, and most older European Cities, consist of them), or they can serve as transitioning urban fabric, where cities vary their density between single family residential zones, and intense (high rise) urban cores. A density variation like this is called a 'transect,' which means the gradual intensifying and relaxing of urban density in a city. Typically, density intensifies around transit, and relaxes away from it. That is exactly what we will need in the public transit-enabled future..."

Apr 19 Buckywunder commented on NYT Profiles Controversial, Kick-Ass SF Housing Activist.
@2 @14

Not to mention that sustainable and density-oriented affordable housing and development is a long-term planning way to address climate change NOW.

It's why Frank Chopp's personally blocking affordable housing tax breaks down in Olympia this last session because they include qualifying developers is tone-deaf to the urgency of the need.

The eco and environmental paradigms from the 1970's no longer apply, sorry to say. Affordable housing needs to be built in Seattle quickly and sustainably -- by any means necessary...
Mar 8 Buckywunder commented on It Looks Like It's Going to Be Clinton Versus Trump.
And it appears the Cult of Inevitability is alive and well in Seattle...
Mar 1 Buckywunder commented on I Am Happy It's Going to Be Hillary and Not Bernie Going Against Trump in the General Election.
This is some of the worst political "analysis" I've seen on these pages.

It isn't very politically savvy to run a privileged, rich white woman against an authoritarian billionaire. That makes the acceptable range of an already tepid debate a tiny sliver of what it should be and guarantees low voter turnout, which by definition favors the GOP.

The Democratic Party establishment is showing some incredibly bad judgment putting all their eggs in the HRC basket...
Dec 4, 2015 Buckywunder commented on The City of Seattle Wants More Out of Comcast.
Wow, way to hold Comcast's feet to the fire Mr. Mayor and minion. Along with Bruce Harrell, it's a veritable clown-car of rubes...
Oct 30, 2015 Buckywunder commented on One Reason Microsoft and Vulcan May Be Trying to Kill the Campaign Finance Reform Initiative on This Year's Ballot.
@1 Except they don't pay taxes -- or at least their fair share. Most of it is laundered or held overseas to the tune of trillions of dollars.

A large portion of tax expenditures is to create a "friendly business climate" and infrastructure to support their activities (roads, bridges, utilities, zoning preferences, etc.). With no progressive income tax in the state (the most regressive tax system IN THE COUNTRY), Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, etc. get WAY more than they pay in. Both parties see to that...
Sep 18, 2015 Buckywunder commented on Rent Control Resolution Gets Split Vote in City Council Committee, Looks Unlikely to Pass Full Council.
What @1 said.

Can't wait for Godden, Rasmussen and Burgess to join Richard Conlin as non-factors in city politics...
Sep 10, 2015 Buckywunder commented on Guest Editorial: To Improve Public Transportation in Seattle, the City Council Should Pass an Employee Hours Tax.
As much as I support this proposal, I agree with @13 that it makes sense to tax the specific behavior that we want to see changed, that is, driving unfettered into Seattle just because somebody can do so.

To wit, I would say that congestion pricing is something to try.


Tax people like a toll for coming *outside* of the city *into* the city during the day when the "price" for doing so is high (congestion, pollution, etc.). Specifically target the revenue for transportation and pedestrian initiatives. Offer rebates for low-income commuters.

Companies wouldn't be "taxed" directly, but smart ones would offer to possibly pick up some or all of the tab for their employees as an incentive to get good employees.

London has been doing it for more than ten years. They even have unexpected support:

"A Republican member of Congress told me last week that he recently was in London for the first time in a long while. 'Traveling was so much better,' he said. 'You can actually get around. That traffic-charging system they’ve got seems to be doing a lot of good.'”

Here's a review of their lessons learned:

Aug 9, 2015 Buckywunder commented on Bernie Sanders Adds Racial Justice Platform to Website, Says He's "Disappointed" by Seattle Rally Interruption.

Counter-intelligence scored a trifecta: Tarnish BLM, embarrass one of the most civil rights-conscious politicians in American running for high office and kick one of the most politically-progressive cities leading the fight on income inequality in the teeth.

They couldn't have drawn it up any better -- SCORE!