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Nov 7, 2012 Michelle in Chicago commented on We Couldn't Have Done It Without Them.
Can some talented person make a graphically attractive version of Dan's beautiful quote from above. I think the words I've copied below would be easily shared on social media sites if they could be broken up into pretty lines and fonts like those quotes and prayers that make the rounds. Straight people read social media, right?

"Why don't we throw them a party? A big party to say, you know, thanks. Not, "Oh, gee, straight people, thank you so much for the civil rights." Rights are rights. We shouldn't have to beg for them. We shouldn't have to say "thank you" when they're recognized. We shouldn't even have to ask for them. But the sad fact is that we have had to fight for our rights. And the happy fact? We didn't have to fight this one alone. We had help. Thousands of straight people stood with us and fought for us. That's what we should thank the straight people for. Not for the rights—rights are rights are rights—but the way they joined our fight."
Jun 25, 2012 Michelle in Chicago joined My Stranger Face
Jun 25, 2012 Michelle in Chicago joined My Stranger Face
Jun 25, 2012 Michelle in Chicago commented on SL Letter of the Day: Suggested Reading.
I have also heard that quote from the Massachusetts decision as a reading in a same-sex non-licensed wedding ceremony held in Ohio in 2009. The couple obtained their actual marriage license in Connecticut, but wanted to have the ceremony with family and friends. This was in 2009, so that quote is well on its way to being an old standard.