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Nov 1, 2012 Watchwhatyouget commented on Don't Be Charter Fooled.

Mayor Strickland is a member of the NewDeal group which plans to expand charter schools………
Jul 7, 2012 Watchwhatyouget commented on Why Parents Say YES to the Washington Public Charter Schools Initiative.
@64 I don't think that Washington public schools are failing. By what measure ? The U.S. educates all it's children and I do not believe that is the case with other countries that we compare ourselves with. I believe we have choked our schools with too much testing and narrowing of what is being taught. Washington public school do innovate and have choices. Let's better what we have instead of bring in another system that will siphon off needed funding and buildings. Also, who will watch over new charters if they come to this state and who pays for that ? This initiative allows for school take over by a majority of teachers or parents. That part is extremely troubling !……………)


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