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Jul 5, 2013 taephoenix commented on I Am a Terrible Person.
I question the whole social construct around which people being young and horny becomes morally questionable.

Why is it that a guy's only options are to be a good dude and only sleep with one woman, or a bad guy and sleep around while lying to everyone? And why is it that a woman's only option is to demand that a guy sleep with only her as proof of his love?

Consensual non-monogamy for the win.
Jun 15, 2013 taephoenix commented on In Defense of David Guterson.
I was there in the audience watching my brother graduate and I thought it was an extraordinary speech. Guterson was challenging the graduates to be mindful and to not fall into the traps of acquisitiveness, self-absorption and constant distraction. When you develop the capacity to direct your thoughts, remain aware of the ephemerality of life, and manage your own ego, you are much liklier to be happy and make a positive contribution to your fellow beings, human and otherwise.

Also, those of us who started clapping midway through Mr. Guterson's speech were not trying to stop him early, we were trying to get the hecklers to shut up and to indicate that there were many in the audience who wanted him to continue speaking.
Jan 16, 2013 taephoenix commented on Savage Love Episode 325.
The lady whose husband is depressed and a demanding, annoying "sub" needs to DTMFA. She deserves a lot better.
Dec 19, 2012 taephoenix commented on "The Polished Shaft".
Was he trying to make any sort of valid point? Or did he just want some kind of excuse to pretend to jerk off in front of a room full of kids?
Sep 11, 2012 taephoenix commented on College Football Player Kicked Off Team After He Outs Himself During a Game.
I'm sure Kuntz knew what would happen if he admitted that he was kissing his boyfriend. After all, homophobia this blatant usually has other telltale signs. Under the circumstances, I can't blame him for lying.

Also, if this had been a woman (especially an older woman), he would have been given a "boys will be boys" chuckle, a slap on the wrist, and been allowed to continue playing.
Aug 14, 2012 taephoenix commented on The First Paul Ryan Polls Are In....
I couldn't agree more with his (her?) holiness. I would love to find out just how many people would rate this decision "piss poor."
Jun 26, 2012 taephoenix joined My Stranger Face
Jun 26, 2012 taephoenix joined My Stranger Face
Jun 26, 2012 taephoenix commented on Different Dan Savage.
I've always doubted the rumors, Dan. :-)