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Dec 19, 2012 serabelle commented on The Abortion Pills Are Probably to Blame for This.
I love that you guys reported that the video was fake more quickly than Hilarious.
Dec 4, 2012 serabelle commented on December 9 City Hall Wedding Update.
Glad to donate to such an awesome event! Congratulations to everyone who will be there!
Nov 4, 2012 serabelle commented on A Recommended Reading.
My husband and I used this quote as part of our post-elopement party. It was prominently featured on the guest table, above the guest book and directly between pictures of our parents at their respective weddings.
Aug 2, 2012 serabelle commented on Savage Love Episode 301.
You know, like, it's really annoying, like, when people can't stop like, saying the word LIKE. Excellent advice on Dan's part, but I actually had to skip through the last five minutes of that call to preserve my own sanity...
Jun 27, 2012 serabelle joined My Stranger Face
Jun 27, 2012 serabelle commented on Organization Fighting to Ban Same-Sex Marriage in Minnesota Posts Bible Verse Calling for Gay People to Be Put to Death.
They finally took it down this afternoon - after all the "omgwegothackedwaaaaaaaaah!" hubbub, I guess they finally realized that nobody believed their crap.