Nov 7, 2012 jrl13 commented on NOM's Sad Silver Lining.
I grew up in WA, where my aunts have been together for 35 years. Now they can have the same rights I do! I am bouncing off the walls over here!!! So. Incredibly. Happy.

But now I live in NYC, and am very sad that these Republican senators lost. They totally stuck their necks out for marriage equality, and we were all hoping that if it did not mean political death for them, then other moderate Republicans would also start to support it. A lot of people were watching them. This will slow our inevitable progress. Seriously sucky.

But, yeah. Today rules! Waaahooo!!
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@38 YAY! Congrats!

I was in a bar with a friend and saw I guy I'd had a big crush-from-afar on about 8 years earlier (in college). With my friend's encouragement, I went up to him as we were leaving, said "Dave, right? We went to college together. You don't know me, but I had a big crush on you then." I gave him my number, and we chatted a bit. He and his buddy both seemed totally charmed by me. I was flustered, but smiled a lot and it felt really brave and good. It seemed like he was interested, but he never called, and about 6 months later I heard that he was engaged. I think he just got caught up in the moment. I was a little disappointed that it didn't lead to the torrid affair I'd hoped for, but also felt so glad that I did it!

Unless the person is a jerk, the very least that can happen is that you'll make someone's day. It's always flattering to hear that someone fancies you.

Good luck!