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Jan 28, 2015 ham-a-bow commented on William S. Burroughs Was Better as a Movie Star Than as a Writer.
Cities Of The Red Night is a masterpiece on all fronts and it's companion pieces (The Western Lands and The Place Of Dead Roads) are all worth reading over and over and over again. WSB is as important as Dickens and Joyce and a "better", more evocative and potent writer than any of the beats including Ginsburg at the height of his powers.
Jun 3, 2014 ham-a-bow commented on The Suburbs: Blight Without Beauty.
the most dreadful, drab and dead eyed sub-urban wasteland is often fertile ground for a life of the mind. not to say it mightn't be preferable to be brought up in a place of natural beauty OR cultural riches; only to say that these seemingly horrible and homogeneous landscapes have a tendency to bring on certain abilities in the right persons. Also; there is not much to be nostalgic about in a Cabrini Green or Robert Taylor Homes childhood unless one is equally predisposed top be imaginative and very good natured
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Jun 29, 2012 ham-a-bow commented on Justin Bieber Is Not That Bad.
what a waste. "shit show"? another word virus. who cares. (question mark excluded)