Apr 18, 2013 GusII commented on Hey, Ohio. It's Not the 1950s Anymore..
The Ohio legislature is nearly all Teavangelical now. Until there is redistricting with the next census we Ohioans will be stuck with these folks. The only hope is a Democratic governor elected by the same voters who elected Pres Obama...they need to show up in off year elections.
Jan 11, 2013 GusII commented on SL Letter of the Day: Someone Missed the Cougar Meme.
Oh, honey, it's OK for you to pimp out the hot guys pics but your mom has to stay away?
Sep 18, 2012 GusII commented on Mitt Romney Holds Press Conference, Digs Himself Even Deeper.
The Romney vid may not cause much movement in the polls or the popular vote, the numbers will remain about the same as they are now. This will solidify the President's current few point lead and maybe, just maybe, give him an electoral college landslide. The Republican base has already bought this line, even the ones who receive Social Security and Medicare. The retirees don't consider themselves in the moocher class. They got their government benefits the old fashioned way, they earned it. The middle class taking the mortgage
deduction, dependent deductions,etc. earned it.

A few years ago, in a job making $9.50 a hour, I had an always Democratic voting boss who assumed I, a single man, did not pay any income taxes. She thought all her low wage workers received the Earned Income Tax Credit. When I said I paid income taxes she said I didn't know how to "work the system." Later this somehow morphed into I must have a private income in order to pay taxes, because this mythical private income was mentioned close to expected layoffs. She said she was not worried about my survival because of that income.

This attitude is prevalent in the managerial class in the Midwest. Everyone below them is getting all kinds of freebies from the government. Those people don't need a living wage because the working poor are mooching off of the government in mystical ways not known to the much harder working middle class. Those people are getting something they are not. This is how Republicans win the white blue collar and middle class vote.
Aug 21, 2012 GusII commented on Daily Show: Cockblock the Vote.
The Republicans in Ohio have pissed off the wrong folks. Even people who were not excited to vote for the President again.
Aug 11, 2012 GusII commented on Let's All Learn About Paul Ryan Together.
The Republican presidential nominee stands in front of a decommissioned WWII era battleship announcing his VP pick. A VP whose budget plan goes to the heart of the 80 year battle waged by Republicans to deconstruct everything FDR.
Jul 20, 2012 GusII commented on Holy Crap! Kathie Lee Gifford's Musical about Aimee Semple Goes to Broadway.
@2 Didn't you know women have a get out of jail free card when it comes to sexist, body imagine destroying, and just plain rude conversations? If a man said half the things women say in the workplace they would be fired.
Jul 18, 2012 GusII commented on Meet the New, Meaner Mitt Romney.
Give poor Mitt a break. It is merely prudent to have bank accounts outside of the country you are pillaging via the tax code.
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Jul 3, 2012 GusII joined My Stranger Face
Jul 3, 2012 GusII commented on Colorado Springs and the Government.
Can't they just pray the fire and thieves away?