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Jul 5, 2012 quarknoid joined My Stranger Face
Jul 5, 2012 quarknoid commented on The Rush to Prohibit Kratom.
Kratom is a miracle plant. I've taken 7g daily for a month or more and have stopped "cold turkey" several times with absolutely ZERO side effects/withdrawals to speak of. 7g a day (with a pinch of Kanna which potentiates and works synergistically with kratom) puts me in a fantastically clear, focused, energized and yet relaxed mood while not prohibiting me from going about my day in a normal manner. It does what no pharmaceutical can do safely or as effective.

All the negative things the DEA has to report about this plant is based on life long Thai addicts who chew the leaves directly all day every day, consuming mega amounts of kratom that would be unfathomable for anyone using this plant for common therapeutic reasons. The reports of skin discoloration come from the leave chewers where over time it starts to turn their cheeks a dark color, skin discoloration will not occur from drinking tea. I also can not stand how the DEA refers to any consumption of kratom as "abuse". Because anything you take on your own that has the ability to make you feel good (tsssk tsssk) and actually improves the quality of your life that does not support big pharma is bad for you, ok? Even though 1000s of years of known safe human consumption proves otherwise.

I really hope the DEA does not ruin this amazing medicine for myself and so many others. If anything, they should be looking at banning the extracts only. First of all every extract is an overpriced scam. You will pay $20-$30 for 1-2 doses. I've tried several extracts and none are as effective as loose leaf. Specifically, premium grade Bali that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost in bulk. I can see a problem where young uneducated people may unknowingly consume a very potent extract and experience some nasty effects from it, but this is impossible when using loose leaf when having to do the research to figure out how much to weigh out.

I'm hoping the nasty taste of this stuff will be the saving grace for this plant, keeping most of the irresponsible high seekers away from giving Kratom a bad rep.