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Nov 1, 2012 webacedesign commented on Don't Be Charter Fooled.
Hi, Please help me with Initiative (1241) 523. Let's put Derpa Der behind us once and for all. Yours, Daniel H. Elliott - Help to allow academia to do what it is meant to do. Thank you!
Aug 4, 2012 webacedesign commented on Fuck the Vote.
I'm actually interested in your comments on the most recent two initiatives up there. What do you think?
Jul 9, 2012 webacedesign commented on Surprise! Billionaire Charter Schools Backers Buy Enough Signatures.
Ok, so I would like to point your attention to the typo contained in this original article.

I filed Initiative 1241: Concerning Public School Keyboard Curriculum

This measure would require that the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard be taught at the 4th Grade Level and every year thereafter. This measure would additionally require that the Sholes/Glidden typewriter configuration, as purchased by the Remington Corporation, be removed from public schools and general standardized testing.

Measure 1240 is The Public Charter Schools thing.

I just put on Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode, got my small coffee refill here at the Park Place Starbucks and still have more to say on this topic.

Dr. August Dvorak and his team at the University of Washington were funded by the Carnegie Foundation ($130,000) in the height of The Great Depression to correct the input of the English Language.

They were funded to improve what is arguably one of the most powerful inventions of the last 200 years, the typewriter. Christopher Latham Sholes and Carlos S. Glidden made possible the input of English and facilitated our evolution, freeing us as a populace of the need of having printing plates created for everything we needed printed.

The real news here is that they succeeded!

They improved it!

They fixed it!

So many people don't even know about this. It's scary. All of our laws are written these days by keyboards. In fact, the power of our people are all based on the English language. There isn't any way around it. Contracts, Laws, Books, Shopping Lists. All of our input is written with what isn't even a word.

"QWERTY". Fall QWERTY. It is not a word. To my knowledge this is the only non-english word taught on school grounds in this state. And they rip on Ebonics. Additionally, this is the only company product that is sold as a standard on the grounds of public schools.

RISE DVORAK! An amazing professor at the University of Washington. The patent of the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (DSK) is the most modern, efficient, logical, and inspired way of typing.

My most sincere question is this..... Why is there a typewriter configuration on a cell phone?
Have you seen the look on a woman's face when she is disgruntled by a text? What is this saying? What is this? It's like having a block between you and another person, grab that app that switches over to the Dvorak layout on your phone and enjoy typing on that thing. It's faster.

Offering kids in public schools access to the highest form of inputting the English language at the 4th grade level on a keyboard configured as Academia has case studied to be the correct way to do it is of utmost importance. I am not joking.

This isn't personal preference, this isn't a pride issue. For all of us...if you type the way that Christopher Latham Sholes arranged the keyboard please continue, if you must. If you hunt and peck, if you type 120 WPM with that layout, GREAT! (you would probably type 150WPM using the DSK, but oh well).

I can type faster than any auto-complete. I would like every kid in the state of Washington to have this ability. Wouldn't you?

I'm also free from the curse of the wrist pain and the mind mapping that it took to remember where those letters are arbitrarily arranged.

I would like to look at the brain mechanics involved here.

With Sholes/Remington you are using your right brain more due to the fact that your left hand is doing more of the work than your right. The left side of your brain is used for creativity...Now why would you lock that down with a higher workload with a system of rote memorization that is not balanced.

With the DSK the load between your right and left hands is balanced so efficiently that you are actually using your brain correctly.

Look at what the right side of your brain is most used for:

Looks at Wholes

Now why would you ever use a cookie cutter solution of rote memorization for this part of your brain (Sholes/Remington)?

Every objection that I have heard is summarized exactly by the use of the LEFT brain, especially the lost, last one....

"Looks at Parts"

Here are some of the more popular statements and objections.

"What about how much this will cost"
"I don't want to learn again"
"There's no way to change, it's too late"
"We don't live in a a democracy"
"It's doomed from the start"
"We probably won't even have keyboards pretty soon"
"We will be able to mentally control the computers"
"This is like the Metric system thing"
"This is like Beta/VHS"
"This is like Esperanto"
"You're Cray"

The DSK is optimization of the input of the English Language!

If you don't see this need, if you don't understand...I don't blame you... I'm putting Landslide by Stevie Nicks on. This song embodies what it felt like for me to make the switch to the DSK while working...feeding my kids with QWERTY.

Probably if this weren't a hometown issue, like the University of Washington, Dvorak, and myself (born at Northwest Hospital) it might not mean so much. This just isn't about me. It's about the Professor August Dvorak and his team at the University of Washington.

It's a lot of research and fact finding. This professor from the University of Washington was AWESOME. His research was also some of the foundation of modern prosthesis.

I will further the legislation to include a province that we have these keyboards manufactured in this country only, possibly for 5 years. Being that English is the Native language of this country it is fitting that we use the most powerful Innovation in the history of mankind to feed our people.

Think about for one moment, that dream, that one where you are back in high school. Think of having to do the entire public education system together. Rodney Dangerfield or Adam Sandler style. Think of it the way it's always been. Let that sink in. Feel it.

Now think of it with the DSK in place at the 4th Grade Level and every year thereafter, so that typing is fun and easy, and integrated within the curriculum, allowing teachers to additionally concentrate on hand writing. Truly mastering the DSK at that level would open up 2 credit years in junior high school and high school for other classes. Arts, Sciences, Languages, Mathematics, Extra-curriculars, Sports, FIELD TRIPS!

It's possible to master the DSK so fast at that age. The keyboard is here to stay.

So Public, Charter, Private, Religious...you all could be offering the DSK to the kids at that age.

I collected signatures and turned them in to the Secretary of State Elections Department in Olympia, I took the registered voter cards that I had collected too.

I'm not one to argue a fact... actually the Sholes/Remington layout is indeed 19th Century thinking. Having been sold on or around March 1, 1873, it is a dead technology. The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard is a 20th century invention being that it was patented in 1936.

Use the DSK <--Print it on the keys, Use the Democracy, Print them both or they both die.

Give the kids in all public schools the competitive advantage of the DSK for the input of the English Language.

Get the Sholes/Remington system out of their faces.

I'm Daniel H. Elliott and this has been another non-paid public service announcement.
I'm available at webacedesign@gmail.com
I'd leave my phone number, but it's off due to non-payment.
Public Education Reform does not pay, on the other hand....I've met more interesting people and made more friends since working on it. I commend that highly. :)
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