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Jul 18, 2012 LaraLive commented on Seattle Woman Marries Corporation in Intimate Downtown Ceremony.
Hmmm, "batshit" isn't really a term I hear used in great reporting...there is nothing batshit about wanting the people of Seattle to have a real Bill of Rights, one that includes some control over how the city is developed AND helps end the stream of corporate dollars that over-influence what happens in this town.

Misquoting a direct source is also a naughty no-no! As a witness and full participant, I can tell you that the bride was gushing with excitement over having set a precedent, and actually getting the Marriage License processed! (she was not tossing back drinks)

This is something that has not been done before...but we should be seeing more of it, just to prove the point! Corporations are NOT people and should NOT have the same rights. It's time to get the dirty, dark money out of politics. Our elections shouldn't be bought and paid for. Our votes should actually count. THIS is what democracy looks like right now...the United States of Boeing/Apple/IBM/Walmart/AT&T/Microsoft...etc. etc. etc. Time to kick the corporations to the curb for making a dollar bill the most common thing seen in Congress!

And to gloomygus...dude, if it's not your cup o' tea, fine. But ragging on a minister? That ceremony by Pastor Lang was freakin' hilarious and at the same time *very* poignant. Try reading (or watching) it again. And again. And again. Maybe the absurdity of Citizens United & corporate personhood will sink in deeper than your obvious inability to maintain the attention span of a free-thinking citizen.
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