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Aug 28, 2012 dudedudedude commented on A Chat with a Ron Paul Supporter About Gary Johnson, and Marijuana.
@9 that was awesome.
6 nailed it on the head with "Ron Paul is not a libertarian. He just doesn't like the federal govt."
Jul 26, 2012 dudedudedude commented on Build a New Sonics Arena.
love the stranger, totally disagree with this. the NBA is not a stable enterprise. with free agency and a slough of trade demands from marquee players, a team can go from packed houses one year to empty seats the next year. yes, those 6,000 people who rallied in pioneer square will be there for every game, no matter what the team looks like. but a modern sports arena (for an NBA team) seats 20,000+. and dont forget ticket prices are going to be catered to the "bellevue" crowd anyway.
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Jul 18, 2012 dudedudedude commented on Capitol Hill Block Party 2012.
i too am out of touch.
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