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katm is wondering why one of my comments is not listed in my 'comments' section: see comment #53 on slog.thestranger.com/archives/2012/10/03/email-of-the-evening.
May 14, 2015 katm commented on Bill Bryant, Who Backed Bringing Shell's Arctic Drilling Fleet to Seattle, Announces Run for Governor.
And how is he different from Obama? Oh yeah, he isn't.
You Obama supporters must be SO PROUD now, eh?

How can Obama supporters, such as the entire Stranger staff, fail to see their responsibility in all this? How is it possible for you to think you can point the finger at some little pipsqueak while ignoring the ugly fact that if your Obama hadn't APPROVED of Shell's drilling the Arctic in the first place THIS SHIT WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING?!!

I can hear it now- "Would you rather the Republicans would've won?" NEWS FLASH: When "defeating republicans" turns into a tool for strengthening the 1% (as Obama/Clinton clearly do), you are not defeating the Republicans! In fact, by supporting the "left" fist of corporate rule you are the only thing keeping the 1% -and thus, the republican party- alive. Gee thanks!
Feb 1, 2015 katm commented on Vaccinating Your Children Works, as Proven by New Numbers on Rotavirus Infection.
Well, someone's got to say it, if none of these Bill and Melinda Gates sycophants are going to:

Industry-funded research is NOT science!! Corporations are required by law to profits before public welfare, and that includes... (drum-roll)... the pharmaceutical industry.

So nice to see gay rights activist emulating the worst behavior of yesterdays homophobes by using pseudo-science to bully others and remove their rights.

The Seattle Stranger is clearly in the back pocket of Bill and Melinda Gates (those great "humanitarians" who like to invest in every harmful technology possible: geo-engineering, nuclear power, vaccines, and GMO's...etc.), so they will never inform its readers about the overwhelming independent science ("independent science" technically means not funded by industry with a vested interest in the results) concluding that vaccines cause great harm. By contrast, you'll notice in their own cognitive dissonance, that not a single pro-vaccine fear monger can point to ONE (just one?) independent research study to back up their fear mongering claims against the vaccine skeptics. All they have to offer is personal, or ad hominem attacks -they're really good at making personal attacks against vaccine skeptics, but nothing else. And not once can they ever back up their claims with actual science!!

Anyway, here's some links to actual scientific information that'll really piss off those pro-vaccine thought police:

www.GreenMedInfo.com/blog/measles-transm… (www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/disney-measles…) www.greenmedinfo.com/blogs/cdcs-own-data…

- www.naturalnews.com/048467_vaccine_indus…

- www.globalresearch.ca/vaccine-mccarthyis…

- www.CanaryParty.org

And before anyone gets on the band-wagon for mandatory vaccinations, just remember it will be the criminally corrupt CPS who will be the enforcers:

- www.naturalnews.com/048445_vaccine_skept…

- www.activistpost.com/2015/01/measles-pol…

More children are murdered, raped and disappeared in CPS custody than parental custody:




- www.MedicalKidnap.com/2014/11/25/breastf…

- www.abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/1…

- www.AwareAmerican.wordpress.com/2012/02/…
Aug 24, 2014 katm commented on What Are White Liberals Going to Do About the Westlake Mall Cop Who Pepper Sprayed an Innocent Black Man?.

How can anyone ignore the obvious harsh reality that giving more power over guns to a corrupt police force is only going to escalate police brutality, and increase psychopathic violence towards innocent people?


The financial backers of the gun control hysteria bandwagon are clearly unconcerned, and quite silent, about the countless psychopathic police who commit violent crimes and murders against innocent people, aren't they?

Anybody???????? Am I the only one?
Aug 24, 2014 katm commented on The History and Fluxing Demographics of Ferguson and Our Nation's Suburbs.
ATTENTION GUN CONTROL ADVOCATES- IS THIS WHO YOU WANT TO HAVE MORE POWER OVER GUNS?!! REALLY?!! Are gun-control advocatesreally that f---'n stupid that they can't see that gun control laws are a guarantee to escalate police brutality?!

Why are we ignoring the most obvious questions here?

Why are gun control advocates completely silent about police brutality? Hmmm, could it be because the main financial backers of the gun control bandwagon don't really care about removing guns from psychopaths? Hmmm... (DO THE F---ING MATH HERE PEOPLE!!!)

Yes, too bad mass murderers (who are all coincidentally victims of psychotropic drugs, by the way) were not cops, because then they'd be promoted and gun control advocates would be completely silent about them then, wouldn't they.
Oct 20, 2013 katm commented on The Stranger's Voters' Guide!.
Joseph Mercola totally rulz! His exposures of corporate control over the FDA, to say the least, are invaluable and he has my eternal respect! (You goddamned band-wagon following *@!!-- Look no further than Mercola's funding of the documentary on Burzynski -whom the FDA spent millions of our tax-dollars trying to destroy, while at the same time trying to steal the patent of his cancer cure?!! Just look up 'Burzynski' on the vimeo site and I dare you to just watch the first 5 minutes. Go on, watch the first 5 minutes of Mercola's 'Burzynski' documentary and them come back and try to tell everybody what an "evil" man Mercola is...FUCK YOU!!)

And the more I think about it, the more the Stranger's half-ass support of yes on 522 makes me sick while they try to slip in that Monsanto garbage about "overwhelming science that GMO's are entirely safe to eat"... but then I can just see the Stranger staff explaining to some Monsanto rep in some back-room deal, "but master Gates, we can't say no on 522 because then it'll be too obvious"... Let's not forget that this is BillGatestown and he does own over 600,000 shares of Monsanto, and oh, Monsanto also happens to own a private mercenary company formerly called Blackwater...

Yeah sure, and the Seattle Stranger didn't take any kick-down pay from Monsanto's anti-522 millions? Really? You just slipped in that little piece of propaganda service for Monsanto for free. Fuck all you Stranger editors who let that lie slide through to print. You are all pure shit!

Sources (don't work if I type in the links so I have to type them this way):
- naturalsociety.com 'Bill Gates Dodges Questions On Why He Owns 500,000 Shares of Monsanto (12 Feb 2013) by Anthony Gucciardi
- naturalrevolution.org 'Monsanto Now Owns Mercenaries Blackwater Newly Named 'Academi' (31 May 2013)
- globalresearch.ca 'Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don't' (4 Dec 2007) by F. William Engdahl
Oct 18, 2013 katm commented on The Stranger's Voters' Guide!.
ahem...#45: the FDA is run by Monsanto...

anyway, here's one more from greenmedinfo.com called 'Think the Anti-GMO Movement is Unscientific? Think Again' by Sayer Ji (19 June 2013)

(and to #45- If you were to do the slightest bit of research -outside of the narrow confines of corporate media! you'd find it's the medical establishment that you can't trust!!! And the statins fraud is just another example. Try this non-corporate source: 'Statin Drugs Are the Greatest Medical Fraud of All Time: Study Reports' by Heidi Stevenson (23 Sept 2013 from wakingtimes.com)
Oct 18, 2013 katm commented on The Stranger's Voters' Guide!.
Goddammit!! (you're right McBomber)
The Stranger seems to have it set up that the 3 dots come up instead of the rest of the link?

Oh well, so here are the titles of the articles instead, with the dates they appeared on the sites:
-'New CSIRO GMO Wheat can Silence Human Genes, Cause Early Death' by Christina Sarich (16 August 2013 at www.naturalsociety.com)
-'Analysis Finds Monsanto's GMO Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic' by Mike Barrett (16 April 2013 in nationofchange.org)
-'Study linking GM maize to cancer must be taken seriously by regulators' by John Vidal (18 Sept 2012 in theguardian.com)
-'The Goodman Affair: Monsanto Targets the Heart of Science' by Claire Robinson and Jonathan Latham. PhD (20 May 2013 in cornucopia.org)

And here's one more:
-'Monsanto: Profits Above Human Health' by Stephen Lendmen (26 May 2013 in acitivistpost.com)
Oct 18, 2013 katm commented on The Stranger's Voters' Guide!.
The "overwhelming scientific consensus is that GMO crops are entirely safe to eat." -there it is, Monsanto's dream propaganda come true printed in the Seattle Stranger...

Really??? Way to play both sides on the GMO issue. And the Seattle Stranger did it for free, no kick-down pay from Monsanto for that little slip -eh? Meanwhile, back in the real world, any research that is funded by industry with a vested interest in the results, IS NOT SCIENCE! It's called conflict of interest...

But, Jesus fucking christ! Are you kidding me? Not one editor of this voting guide (even the food editor?!) knows about, or has bothered to investigate the overwhelming scientific evidence that GMO's cause severe harm to human health?

Here's a few sources for starters:
www.naturalsociety.com/csiro-gmo-wheat-s… (26 August 2013)
www.nationofchange.org/analysis-finds-mo… (16 April 2013)
Sep 30, 2013 katm commented on Never Mind, Sally.
Trading in human rights for personal gain? ...hmmm...oh, that's right, no one at the Stranger would EVER do something like that. (AHEM!!)
Sep 18, 2013 katm commented on Race Trouble.
Let's not forget that the whole point of being against "racism" is that NO HUMAN BEINGS SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUBHUMANS!!! Eh?

hmmm... And yet, here we are living in the same dynamics as during the height of the Ku Klux Klan, or the Nazi party, when .00001% of the population had the guts to say "this is wrong" and risk everything trying to stop it.

How typical that not a single word about the continuing full-scale assault on the world's Arabic people by "our nation's first black president" is mentioned by our hypocrite "gay rights" advocates at the Stranger.

Obama has long proven himself to be nothing more than the "pepper" to George Bush's "salt," showing off for his white corporate masters at every turn (AND YOU KNOW they use the word "nigger"!), and making things much worse for black people than things were under Bush (if you were to actually bother to fucking look!: www.blackagendareport.com)
1- Did you conveniently overlook the incident where Obama praised "Ray-cist" Kelly (of the NYPD's racist stop and frisk policies) as perfect for a promotion to secretary of the NSA?; 2- Or how about the one where Obama's Eric Holder is fighting to keep black people in prison for minor drug charges... the examples like this are endless but, "Nuh uh, you're racist because Obama's trying to do good and the republicans are preventing him"...(Jesus fucking Christ!) So that's why Obama signed the indefinite detention act into law on New Years eve?... DO THE FUCKING RESEARCH YOURSELVES YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS HYPOCRITES!