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I'm a girl I'm very blunt I say what I want and I don't change… more »

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T. Mills is one of the greatest artists of all time, and he puts everything he has into his music and he loves everything about his fans and he may use cursing words but he is human and he isn't perfect but people accept him for who he is, he doesn't care what other people think and he lets no one and nothing stop him from his dreams and when he uses those curse words he is just kidding around and having fun with his music, he doesn't mean it litterally when he calls all women "bitches", quite frankly I think he is a rolemodel for any teenager because he is an example of what hard work can do and if you follow your dreams can turn out to be he worked at something and was very successful and everyone is different so many people have different opinions and just because someone doesn't like someone else it doesn't mean other people should have to change what they love because of what other people hate, that's something else about Travis Tatum Mills he tells everyone to be true to who you are and that being different is okay, I will always love and respect Travis Tatum Mills, he is very caring and intelligent and awesome in every possible way! TEAM TRAVIS TATUM MILLS FOREVER! REPRESENTING YOUNG FAVORITES !!!