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Jan 30, 2013 pinkpeaches commented on Savage Love Episode 327.
Dan seemed uncomfortable with a full hour of medical advice and epidemiological information. He kept trying to toss in little jokes like he was worried we'd get bored. Come on Dan, we can take it. It's useful and informative and in no way boring.
Jul 24, 2012 pinkpeaches joined My Stranger Face
Jul 24, 2012 pinkpeaches commented on Savage Love Episode 300.
Re: last call...

Dan, you know a whole lot about relationships, but not that much about vet school. Allow me to fill you in: veterinary school is NOT medical school! Veterinary school is a dark and terrible place, filled with psychological torture, grotesquely skewed gender ratios, unhealthy power dynamics, chronically drained emotional resources, and plummeting self esteem.

I had my heart ripped to shreds in vet school by some douchebag I was desperately in love with. Had I been a rational and healthy human being, I would have dumped that asshole twenty times over, but a vet student is NOT a rational and healthy human being! Meanwhile my (90% female and heterosexual) classmates were screwing every male professor, intern or resident who crossed their path, and destroying their gentle if sadly spineless long term boyfriends. Like the caller.

Sorry, caller. Here's a tip: never date a vet student. Here's another tip: if you need to get back at her, she has about thirty desperate classmates who will immediately fuck you, no questions asked.