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Jul 24, 2012 simplemind joined My Stranger Face
Jul 24, 2012 simplemind commented on Gallagher Is a Paranoid, Right-Wing, Watermelon-Smashing Maniac.
boy you beat him up pretty good...but you did go to the show...what did you think you would see? you said a lot of mean shit and and got a few people to read it, but still, everyone knows who he is. comedy is like that, sometimes it just not to your taste, but still, we all know him...who are you? i never herd of you before this. so now you are trying to make a name for yourself by trashing a old time comic. hows that working out. did you get a big raise? have you ever been up there on stage in front of a crowd? harder than it looks, ya know. well, im sure your good at something. maybe finger painting or dog walking.