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Feb 3, 2016 RoosterSauce commented on Shooting on Bus Taken as an Opportunity to Reinforce Car Ideology.
Yeah, clearly guns are the problem. Not the people who think it's perfectly reasonable to put on a mask and murder someone in a crowded public place. Because that kind of person would be a non-violent sweetypie if they weren't hypnotized into a life of crime by an inanimate object.
Jan 28, 2016 RoosterSauce commented on All the Natural (and Man-Made) Disasters You Should Worry About.
Why can't we just enact some common sense men control?
Jan 22, 2016 RoosterSauce commented on Why Mass Shootings and Gun Accidents Happen Rarely (If at All) at Airports.
This piece is so stupid that it almost defies belief. An aggressively surveilled police state featuring rape-scanners, endemic corruption, selective enforcement (with the option to buy your way out), and petty officials who operate with almost no oversight and even less accountability is your ideal scenario? Naturally you can't present your case without automatically denigrating those who might disagree with you as "gun fanatics" because you've already cranked the crazy up to 10.

You've gone full Trump, Charles. Never go full Trump.
Jun 28, 2015 RoosterSauce commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Sticking It To The Man.
I like how deftly the artist implies that the guy being assaulted was probably some kind of a dick who deserved it. The 'Chode' shirt is very subtle.
May 19, 2015 RoosterSauce commented on Magnuson Park Picnic Interrupted by Loud, Motorized Mosquitos—Which Turned Out to Be Drones.
I'm trying to think of a way that Kathleen Richards could come off as more as a grumpy old lady screeching at the neighborhood kids to stop enjoying themselves in her presence but... nope. This is a pretty thorough rendition of that same old gripe about the youths of today and their newfangled fun.

Nobody cares what you think, Kathleen. Get over yourself.
Oct 27, 2014 RoosterSauce commented on Why Americans Fear Ebola and the ISIS.
@24 "Gun deaths are on track to outpace motor vehicle deaths"

[citation needed]
Oct 27, 2014 RoosterSauce commented on Why Americans Fear Ebola and the ISIS.
Clap clap goes the echo chamber.
Oct 26, 2014 RoosterSauce commented on Does Media Coverage of School Shootings Lead to More School Shootings?.
This is truly not meant to be a pro or con argument about 594, but when I read this assertion:

"Most agree that universal background checks would help somewhat—Washington State voters will be considering a universal-background-checks initiative this fall, Initiative 594"

I'd like to know specifically which school shooting or spree killing you believe would have been stopped by more stringent background checks. Admittedly I haven't done a ton of research on the topic but to my knowledge almost all of these murders circumvented the typical Point of Sale background checks by stealing the guns they used.

The Cafe Racer shooter (who shall remain nameless) passed a background check to buy his guns long before his sanity slipped away, and even if he'd gone through a background check right before his killing spree he likely would have passed it due to our lack of any meaningful mental health support network.

I don't want to be "that guy" but when you name-drop a controversial ballot measure with vague claims that it would somehow help to prevent these types of killings, even if it's dressed up as popular opinion, there should be some accompanying content to back it up. Without factual context statements like that are just self-congratulatory platitudes for the people who think that "doing something" is the same thing as coming up with an actual solution.
Oct 24, 2014 RoosterSauce commented on Shooting at Pilchuck High School in Marysville; Two Reported Dead.
@51 not exactly. The NICS was originally supposed to allow anyone making a sale to call in a background check, but some politicians got it into their heads that this would encourage "kitchen table gun dealers" and closed it to private individuals. The only people who can run a background check are licensed dealers, and that can cost you between $35 and $60 per check.

Personally I would LOVE to see the NICS system opened to private individuals. If that happened I'm pretty sure that the number of people opposed to background check requirements would drop significantly. Nobody wants to be the one who sold a gun to some idiot who used it to commit murder, but gun owners tend to be resistive to the idea of additional oversight by a government entity. Allowing individuals to make the phone call that runs a check on a prospective buyer would be a HUGE compromise in the right direction.
Sep 12, 2014 RoosterSauce commented on Want to Protect Police Officers? Close Gun Sale Loopholes, Group Says.
Hey everybody who thinks this law is such a great idea! What if we made the NICS process available to everyone, as it was originally intended at its creation?

What if instead of making people who are selling private property go through a 3rd party and pay a premium, we allowed someone who was selling a gun to call the same number that dealers call, provide the same answers to the same questions, and get the same "sell" or "don't sell" answer from that program that the dealers are provided with?

There's no particular skill requirement beyond dialing a telephone, and having a license to sell guns doesn't imbue you with special crime-fighting powers. It's literally a short list of questions, a phonecall, and a $50 fee that pays for the dealer's time.

If you actually wanted to make positive change that would result in things like background checks being supported by gun owners and gun non-owners alike, you'd look for equitable solutions rather than treating every single facet of this issue like a knife fight and/or opportunity to stick it to people you don't agree with.