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Jun 8, 2016 soul source commented on Council Questions $160 Million Price Tag for Three-Story Police Station.
The precinct building as proposed would protect all of the cars of the drive-in police staff by taking their vehicles off the streets and keeping them behind highly reinforced concrete walls. This is suggested by the Chief of Police is also an answer to neighborhood complaints about the police use of scarce residential parking options. An ironic side 'bonus' for the department would be a perfect job of preventing car prowls on their own vehicles. The building, we are told, will be to local code for earthquake mitigation. Unless things have changed, protection is designed to prevent death and injury from the initial earthquake. It is not designed to protect from aftershocks. The chief said that the precinct building is not like a fire department building with respect to occupants. The latter is most often full of its employees waiting to be deployed by alarms. A police precinct is a hub for a patrol mostly constantly deployed. In other words, the bulk of officers are absent, far from their cars, unable to pull them out of a garage post a major quake because they are going to be likely stupefyingly busy in place, and, also, likely unable to return to the precinct due to massively obstructed roads. The Red Cross, who have been practicing meeting emergencies for a long time, have the area dotted with storage places for supplies. Obviously volunteers are simply housed everywhere. I have never heard emergency management, with the exception of having a command center, recommend that all personnel and equipment be protected in one massive building. Dispersal of resources with supply lines and radio communication is the key. Not a fort hardly in the middle of anything. This appears to lack a realistic emergency planning perspective and city-wide policy work. Shouldn't we begin with assessing the emergency needs of the area instead of the mayor's emergency needs with respect to his political viability?
Jun 7, 2016 soul source commented on Seattle Activist Sarra Tekola Runs Into Bill Clinton in Los Angeles, Curses Him Over Crime Bill.
@ 25 I'm supporting the info. Figure it out.
Jun 7, 2016 soul source commented on Seattle Activist Sarra Tekola Runs Into Bill Clinton in Los Angeles, Curses Him Over Crime Bill.
Ansel, your column is troll bait. But it wastes their resources.
May 25, 2016 soul source commented on Four of Nine Seattle City Council Members Are Millionaires.
Is this divided by spouse and dependents plus council member? Or is this for one person only?
May 4, 2016 soul source commented on Privatizing the Clearing of Homeless Encampments.
Did this go out for bid? Can we see the vetting process for the president and staff? Can we see their written protocol?
Apr 29, 2016 soul source commented on Lawsuit: King County Misled Voters on Levy to Build New Youth Jail.
Glad to see we have pro bono lawyers who can give us a fuller view of what goes on behind the curtain. If only we had a legion of pro bono lawyers.
Apr 18, 2016 soul source commented on Seattle Police Save 21-Year-Old From Overdose Death with Narcan.
Milestone! Thank you all who had a part in this.
Apr 8, 2016 soul source commented on Judge Who Authorized Police Search of Seattle Privacy Activists Wasn't Told They Operate Tor Network.
"I am not programmed in that area." would have been the logical response of the judge and reason for him to kick it up to someone who had access to expertise. This is the way of the silos, the institutions and disciplines that will not communicate with each other for the benefit of the people they are sworn to serve.
Feb 17, 2016 soul source commented on Thin Blue Line Meets Blinking Red Light.
Maybe it is part of the reduced use of force program to put these two officers in the white NW precinct where there are less opportunities to be racist. It is hard to believe that the chief doesn't have a 'little list'. I'd like knowing the wording of the 2012 agreement with the guild. How do we learn who has more power, the chief or the guild? Oh.