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Jul 31, 2012 The_Less_The_Better joined My Stranger Face
Jul 31, 2012 The_Less_The_Better joined My Stranger Face
Jul 31, 2012 The_Less_The_Better commented on Build a New Sonics Arena.

here are reasons AGAINST the stadium
I have not seen reflected elsewhere just yet:

1. Hidden Dollar coast
Even if the public appears to not pay much directly,
here are the hidden untold costs:

* increased traffic. costs the public, public transit a lot.
more wasted gasoline, lack of affordable parking during events

* stadium construction binds precious construction resources.
It is not that we can ramp construction up and down as we wish.
Trained construction jobs and contractors are precious reseources.
We need them for more important infrastructure projects.
As a result, because of the law of supply and demand,
and because supply cannot simply be ramped up,
and because of competition over other resources
that will drive up costs for other seemingly unrelated public projects.

* It enables the ongoing ever more greedy attitude by teams.
the old stadiums dont do it anymore, heh ? By enabling this,
there are more costs in the future from supporting this kind of

2. costs to the planet, society
* in an age of where people truly need to
devote more time for more community based action,
more sustainable local smaller-scale fun
this is just more extravaganza than we need
* we play into the hands of the powers-that-be
who want to keep us distracted with senseless
repetitive entertainment. we have already enough
sports entertainment. the people are supposed to
be kept stupified by triva-based entertainment.
Infatuation with rooting for a team keeps people
divided in some perverse way rather than uniting
for a common cause.
* more carbon emissions from both increased traffic
and construction.

3. political cost
* if this goes wrong, people will get ever more
cynical about government. cynicism blocks us from
working together, creating more effective government
because it makes us disengaged from getting involved.
that too is what the powers-that-be scretly want to happen.