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Sep 17, 2014 Is this thing on? commented on Poll Finds Strong Support for Creating a Seattle Metropolitan Parks District.
The Zoo is doing polling again! They want to tell Seattle that the elephants are fine. But they don't need to. Seattle already gives their taxpayer's money to the Zoo. And no one give a zoodoo how much the elephants are bred or beaten down. Money talks and bullshit walks around in circles and sways back and forth and back and forth and then gets inseminated 112 times but that is not "public" knowledge, rather acquired by other means knowledge, bc zoo don't need to tell you jack suckers.
Jul 23, 2014 Is this thing on? commented on Why Yes, Frank Chopp, the Flowers DO Brighten Up My Lobby!.
Quick, give them to Mike O'Brien!
Oct 27, 2012 Is this thing on? commented on The Two Faces of Gael Tarleton.
@16 I am not Sue Evans. But she's a pro so thanks for the compliment! ;)
I just hid my earlier posting activity from view, I am a "long time" Stranger reader. Even before "unnecessary" quotations were popular. And I am really disappointed now. B/c this is not the scoop. It is so gossip-y and bird doggy.
What's the opposite of Pulitzer Prize?
I notice you changed the picture. Now the Irish Auntie is the devil incarnate.
You're throwing tin cans at a star on the rise. I hope you miss your mark.
For decade+ I more or less believed you. Now I know why it's called The Stranger!
Oct 25, 2012 Is this thing on? commented on The Two Faces of Gael Tarleton.
Two faces? I don't recognize the CMYK orthodontic mirage you published today about Real Democrat Gael Tarleton. She is current president of Seattle Port Commission. She is a connected to her community, her family, her friends. She is accomplished, a do-er, and a progressive woman working in a man's world. She is the face on the left above, smiling, focused, unaware that many men and their money hate what she has accomplished: success, cooperation, longevity in a system now for sale. This article is like a Report Card filled out by Gael's opponents....
Noel Frame is a political insider who is going public. She can't be a "grassroots" organizer if she relies on the deployment of her game changing $100,000 in Special Interest PAC money. It's Astroturf.
You present demonic-upside-down-teeth Gael as anti-union and anti-environment. It's not true. Environment? What environment? Sierra endorsed pro-coal Larsen in the 1st District. They accepted and used natural gas money to close coal plants and used that $26M (ended 2010) to fund employees who now work for SEIU and Teamsters. Also supported lukewarm DelBene in the Primary, with no environmental record she was the weakest eco-choice with the most $. Just sayin'. It's obvious they don't endorse for enviro cred. After so many expensive political losses it's about "winability" this year. Haven't you noticed they seem less concerned about toppled trees and more concerned about Gael's tone when she defends herself from their attacks?
Noel doesn't need to discuss the environmental issues she knows little about. Just like pro-coal Rick Larsen she can say: Sierra likes me. And Gael does have high profile environmental endorsements, they just don't matter to you.
Unions support Gael, just not the ones most comfy with big, secret money.
Noel is sitting on top of a giant stack of secret PAC money. Thanks Citizens United! Whose money? Union? Non-union? She has no progressive cred left. The Right Wing made her campaign viable.
Noel is a pawn in a destructive game. And it's just a vendetta game, and a warped war of words.
When Gael wins this election fair and square, the 36th will have made the honest, progressive choice.
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