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Dec 21, 2014 AedanCRoberts commented on Annie: Annie Is Dead, Long Live Annie.
Id be inclined to agree that this is a harmless modern retelling of a classic movie if it's underlying messaging (which is something along the lines of "I'm a billionaire because I worked super-duper hard, bootstraps, no free lunch yada yada yada meritocracy.") wasn't so disingenuous and, in my opinion, something we really need to stop trying to convince children is real or remotely likely. But then again whatever, enjoy the auto tuned remixes.
Jun 29, 2014 AedanCRoberts commented on All Aboard for Class War!.
Woops- I meant @3. I agree in spirit with @3
Jun 29, 2014 AedanCRoberts commented on All Aboard for Class War!.
I sadly have to agree, at least in spirit, with @1. My boyfriend and I were both excited to see this film based on the crazy amounts of hype and good press it had been receiving all over the place. I mean Tilda Swinton alone made us super excited! But then we downloaded it. And we watched it. And while my boyfriend thought it was a fun, campy (if poorly written and acted) mess I was just flabbergasted by the quality level of this movie in contrast to the praise that was being showered over it.

The writing was D-level here. Seriously. Every time anyone opened their mouth it felt like it was written by aliens trying to mimic our speech patterns. And while that worked for Tilda's crazy loon of a character (which was the only real highlight of the film for me) for everyone else it just came off as really, really bad writing. And the story? Really? I honestly need to blame the source material for this mess. Though there has to be blame placed upon the director for choosing said material I suppose. I liken it, in a sense, to another train book-to-movie: The Polar Express. Both are books whose stylized art and sequential nature allowed for such a heavy-handed, poorly thought-out, ultimately ridiculous plot without the reader constantly going "but how is any of this making any sense?!" In the case of the polar express it had a whimsy, and it's lack of dialogue and general plot, coupled with the softness found in the use of pastels for its art made for the perfect children's dream. For snow piercer, the art and obvious stylization and comic nature leant to the idea that this wasn't MEANT to depict a possible future reality but more of a fable- a cautionary tale that takes extreme liberties of what we know to be how basic science and logic works. Both of these stories also fall apart COMPLETELY when you then take those origins and attempt to translate them into something they are not- something far more "real" (in Snowpiercer's case live-action, in Polar Express's case a hideous motion-captured uncanny valley). And yet while I despised what they did to PS- I found Snowpiercer to be much more insulting to my intelligence because it appeared to be attempting to form a message about society or human nature or something that, when depicted with live actors and real sets, ends up sounding like it was written by a twelve-year-old with ADD. Nothing about the story, the characters, their motivations or the general setting and situation stood up to the kind of scrutiny that a live-action movie allows for. And it's tonal and logical mistakes only caused me to be so completely driven from the movie that by the end I laughed out loud at what I think was supposed to be a meaningful moment and a tragic scene.

In short this just baffled me how anyone could call this a "good," let alone "great" film. It was a mess with good sets, great actors, and a lot of effort that culminated in a really, really bad (poorly written and acted) movie where characters are oddly given screen time and built up for what appears to be no reason and the final conclusion feels just completely dumb. This was a futuristic dystopia written by an idiot and no manner of budget or cast could save that.
Apr 29, 2014 AedanCRoberts commented on RuPaul's Drag Race RuCap: The Very Horrible Episode 11.
All joking and hyperbole aside- this episode was a joke. Even Darienne couldn't defend Darienne this time. Based on past performance alone she should have been the one sent packing. The whole thing is a mess that just came off wrong-headed and strange.

Ben may not have been the best last night, but she was ONE of the best. Her looks were much better than the criticism she got, and the resulting elimination was shocking- but not in a good way. In a way that just . . . felt wrong. As close to an actual miscarriage of justice as you can have with a inconsequential reality TV show about drag queens.
Dec 17, 2013 AedanCRoberts commented on The LaBeoufening Continues.
@9 you asked if Avatar was plagiarizing Fern Gully, then commented on the hard-to-understand nature of Intellectual Property.

I'm sorry if it came off harsh or unnecessary, but I was trying to point out the myriad ways that your example was not plagiarism and easily distinguished as not such. I wasn't calling you out for dismissing Shia's wrong-doing so much as pointing out that by however indirectly comparing Avatar's lack of originality with Shia's complete copy-and-paste of the entire work you are doing the situation a great disservice.
Dec 17, 2013 AedanCRoberts commented on The LaBeoufening Continues.
@3 Here is a link to the buzz feed article that has both to compare to:…
Dec 17, 2013 AedanCRoberts commented on The LaBeoufening Continues.
@1 there is a stark difference between derivative work and full-on plagiarism. Sure it's impossible to ignore the similarity Avatar had to Fern Gully, Dances With Wolves and Pocahontas (to name a few) but the art direction, cinematography, dialogue and setting were all drastically different in each of those films. It's not plagiarism to use common movie tropes or basic, cliched conflicts.

It IS, however, a completely different beast when the pacing, dialogue, blocking, setting and characters are all identical or near-identical to a piece that came before it. Shia's little film wasn't plagiarism because it dealt with the same subject as Clowe's graphic novella- it was plagiarism because it WAS Clowe's graphic novella. Without any acknowledgement of its source material.

Intellectual property may be murky, and made all the murkier thanks to the likes of Disney's crack team of IP Lawyers, but there are some things about it that are fairly clear and easily understood. You want to make a word-for-word re-creation of someone else's work in a new medium? Get that person's permission and provide proper credit.

Shia stole Clowe's work and tried to pass it off as his own. That is disgusting and NOTHING like the example you provided.
Dec 17, 2013 AedanCRoberts commented on On Twitter, Shia LaBeouf Kinda-Sorta Apologizes for Plagiarizing from a Dan Clowes Comic.
I would like to point out here that apparently the first part of his apology was plagiarized from a Yahoo Answers commenter named "Lili" (… )

At this point we've reached Rand Paulian, or Mark Driscollian levels of plagiarism. Possibly even worse. I mean plagiarizing an apology for plagiarizing is almost meta.
Dec 13, 2013 AedanCRoberts commented on Are You Excited for the Next Season of Community?.
Chevy being gone is more than fine. Was he funny? Sure. Was he a good addition to the group dynamic? Why not. But he honestly wasn't integral, nor as amazing as he probably thinks he is.

Look, the 4th season was fairly terrible. It had its gems (and honestly there wasn't really a single episode that could match the level of sheer terrible the whole "Chang becomes emperor of Greendale with a child army" crap the last part of the third season attempted) but was also a bit of a letdown due to Harmon getting the boot.

But I'm also extremely excited for this next season. It damn right looks over the top- but in much the same way seasons two and the first half of season three were. And thats just fine by me.
Nov 14, 2013 AedanCRoberts commented on What Do You Think of the Maleficent Trailer?.
The trailer has me a little worried (the bubble-gum CG and Let's-Put-Everything-Under-The-Sun-Plus-The-Kitchen-Sink approach to flashy FX is reminiscent of Oz The Great And Powerful- one of the worst films I've seen in years that seemed to think that quantity of CG could compensate for quality or writing/directing/editing/acting)- but I still have hope because Jolie looks magnificent. Or Malefecent. Har har.