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Aug 10, 2012 Dizzothecleanone joined My Stranger Face
Aug 10, 2012 Dizzothecleanone commented on The Rush to Prohibit Kratom.
Great plant changed my life took off edge when I stopped smoking weed taking oxy and smoking ciggerets all at once I have also sufferd from anxiety since I was a child which caused my addictions no doc has ever been able to provide me with a safer less intoxicating RX med than what I was able to provide myself with once I discovered Kratom
The scheduling of Kratom would be devistating to my newly found solid drug free lifestyle
Planing on planting several trees on my property and if they do schedule this plant the dea will have to come remove them them them selfs and inprison me Becouse if I am not able to buy Kratom I will most likly end up in jail or the cemetery anyway god bless Kratom and all it's users may it live on open in public eye and may it help many many many many others