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Sep 3, 2015 motown philly commented on Still Don't Know Who Won the Primary Election? Here's Some Help..
If you don't like the mansplainy white dude (and sorry Sandy fans/family, that's exactly how he comes across), why on earth didn't the Stranger endorse Halei Watkins and give her a chance to fight in the general? I know she wasn't the best candidate but her ideas and her goals were the right ones. Debora Juarez has a great resume but isn't all that progressive. The Stranger screwed this one up and now has to live with the consequences.
May 22, 2014 motown philly commented on Is Mayor Murray's Landmark $15 Minimum Wage Deal Unraveling Before Our Eyes?.
So Ed Murray has revealed himself to be Darth Vader. "I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it further."
Oct 21, 2013 motown philly commented on It's Official: State Proposes Gutting Medical Cannabis Law.
@8 that was what Dominic's friends, Alison Holcomb and Pete Holmes, told him. But, like Animal House, Dominic fucked up - he trusted them. Now Alison and Pete are both key players in the effort to shut down medical marijuana and rather than follow Colorado's sensible path they are charting a much more restrictive and repressive path.

There is a big lesson here. In politics, you never ever take anyone's word for it and you never just trust people, especially if they have power, and particularly if they are your friends. You have to be able to tell people you like that they are wrong, especially if you are in the media. Too often in Seattle that doesn't happen because relationships are prized over getting it right.

Still, that's not Dominic's fault. It's the fault of those elected officials and advocates who are pursuing these fucked up policies.
Oct 21, 2013 motown philly commented on It's Official: State Proposes Gutting Medical Cannabis Law.
This is some serious bullshit. I did not vote to make life harder for medical patients when I voted for I-502. I sure as hell did not vote to re-impose Prohibition on them by taking away their right to grow at home. This is another example of how marijuana legalization is going off the rails in Washington, a process hijacked by political insiders who didn't really want to end the war on drugs, but rather wanted to change its terms.
Oct 8, 2013 motown philly commented on Establishment Dems Hate Mike McGinn Because He Isn't an Establishment Democratic.
@13 I don't get what you're talking about. One can and often should argue with McGinn's approach and with his policy choices. But he is managing the city well. The budget's in balance. Big cuts aren't happening. There are no scandals. He had a snowstorm and managed it well. The city departments are humming along just fine. Sure, the roads could be paved better and there need to be fewer mentally ill people downtown, but that's a collective political failure going back years and not a management problem. McGinn is a terrible politician, but a pretty good mayor. His problem is that he had to be both at the same time.
Sep 23, 2013 motown philly commented on Occupy Wall Street: "A Constructive Failure".
One could also argue Occupy was a colossal failure, since it not only failed to produce any lasting policy changes, it diverted a lot of energy and resources that might have gone into something designed to actually achieve something. But at least we no longer have to hear from whiny Occupiers that they alone are the agents of change in this country and that everyone else must stop and let them lead.
Aug 27, 2013 motown philly commented on KIRO: Pete Holmes Cancels Press Conference Because He Refuses to Stand Near the Mayor.
That is really small and petty of Holmes.
Jul 31, 2013 motown philly commented on More Flop Than Anything.
Let me get this straight. The City Council is whining because McGinn went to the people he serves - the public - with this rather than work with them to cut some crappy deal behind closed doors? And now they'll side with a wealthy right-wing CEO over workers and good wages merely out of spite? McGinn isn't the flop here. The City Council is.
Jul 31, 2013 motown philly commented on Could the City of Seattle Use Eminent Domain to Halt Home Foreclosures?.
Richmond has a huge number of mortgages that are underwater and unlikely to come back above water anytime soon. It is a distressed deindustrializing town. It couldn't be more different than Seattle. So the question shouldn't be "will Seattle do this?" but "is this the biggest priority in Seattle?" I don't think we have very many underwater mortgages in this city and we don't have a lot of foreclosures. Rising rents, not underwater mortgages, is our big problem. So I'd much rather see the city spend money to build a lot more publicly owned housing to bring down rent.
Jul 5, 2013 motown philly commented on Charlie Staadecker Backs Out of Candidate Survivor in the Shadiest Way Possible.
Staadecker is being a chickenshit but let's not kid ourselves - Candidate Survivor is a moronic and condescending mockery of young voters. What we 20-somethings need is an opportunity to grill these candidates hard on affordable housing, transit, and police reform. Instead what we are getting is a talent show. No wonder the Washington Bus is so ineffective and generally ignored by young people.