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Feb 27, 2013 johnhelmiere commented on Seattle Times Refuses to Correct Obvious Error in "Watchdog Story" Cited as Reason to Subscribe to the Seattle Times.
Thanks for giving truth a voice, Stranger. And, Goldy, thanks for the naming what the real criticism was of Holland in the Times' article (sure the Commissioner had some problems, but the real meat of their assassination is aimed at his economic situation).
Oct 24, 2012 johnhelmiere commented on The Two Faces of Gael Tarleton.
I attended the Port Commission session where Tarleton's refused to support the Clean Ports Act. Before abstaining (and thereby killing it), she gave a speech that essentially said why it would be great, but that now wasn't a good time. I thought it was a bizarre display of cognitive dissonance, but now reading this it adds up. For the record, Creighton and Holland voted for it. Bryant and Albro voted against it. The 2-2 vote meant it went nowhere. I was there in solidarity with the port truck drivers who voiced support for the Act-- they don't want to be polluting and hurting their own health. Two mustachioed men from port business interests sat in the room and said nothing; they just watched, but every one of the commissioners tipped their hats to them, thanking them for attending. Nobody thanked the truckers for taking the time to be there and risking their jobs in speaking out. That said, I maintain high respect for Holland and Creighton who were courageous enough to vote for a bill that would provide cleaner air for Seattle residents and move forward the struggle for better trucking regulations at the port.

-- Rev. John Helmiere
Valley & Mountain community in the Rainier Valley
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Aug 15, 2012 johnhelmiere joined My Stranger Face
Aug 15, 2012 johnhelmiere commented on Community Outraged at Safeway's Plans to Demolish Beloved Silver Fork Diner.
This restaurant is a symbol (a symbol with delicious food and tremendous hospitality at that). Its destruction sends one more ominous message to the African-American residents of the Rainier Valley that their presence and the institutions that they've built to sustain their culture are no longer welcome here. I'm willing to participate in an organized fight to save it. The 'just move down the street' solution is hardly realistic for a family restaurant with older owners.