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Aug 6 caltrop_head commented on Racism and Ebola, Capitalism and Ebola, God and Ebola.
Hantavirus is a hemorhaggic fever that is native to Western cities and populations. It's been known since the 70's. Last I checked, it isn't exactly defeated.

I mean, there's a so many reasons we don't have a vaccine. It's not like ebola is something private pharma can even study. All research involving it is done at Ft. Dietrick, and any company working with it, is working with it courtesy of the fed. government as a contractor.

On an aside to warren's point, I highly doubt that monoclonal antibodies could even be shipped to Africa from their manufacturing point. They're likely pretty fragile. There's a lot about capitalism that is fucked, but this simply isn't one of them.
Feb 6 caltrop_head commented on Ever Wonder Why Subway Sandwiches Taste Like Yoga Mats?.
It's a bleaching agent in flour. It might also function as a blowing agent, but it's unlikely due to how much other stuff happens when dough is made.

I work in the industry. We use it to make foam. It heats up, produces gas and creates the foam that makes rubber yoga mars soft, pool tubes float and other such compounds. It doesn't impart elasticity. That's a separate trait, done either by BPA (if you're old school and don't mind leaching out synthetic estrogen) or various acid esters (safer). Elasticity is also a trait of the rubber compounds.

The compounds been already getting phased out piece by piece because the regulatory overhead for the dust exposure risk to workers has made it increasingly disliked. OSHA and the EU equivalent are more impact flu here than anything else.

It was never a threat, never will be a threat, and if you want to really soul your pants about chemicals, you should probably worry more about production sites and pollution from effluent discharge (thermal and chemical pollution) than the compounds those sites are selling.

I can answer more questions on this if you're at all interested. Although admittedly, my expertise is going to be mostly on the industrial side.
Jan 30 caltrop_head commented on Amanda Knox Is Found....
Uhhhhh, Italy is terrifyingly backwards? I thought this was a known qty when they jailed scientists for not predicting an earthquake.
Jan 17 caltrop_head commented on Out of the Hospital and Off the Books: Should Harborview’s Primary Care Clinics Be Closed?.
Wow slog commenters...all of you are terrible.

Also, apparently little children that can't read. Do us all a favor, don't vote, and move out of the city if you can't handle a short essay on a important topic.
Jan 17 caltrop_head commented on A Sober Examination of the Amanda Knox Situation.
Nothing like some good old British tabloid driven provincialism to remind oneself, that the old country is truly backwards at times.

It's all moot anyways, IMO, as the concept of double jeopardy is absolutely abhorrent in a "free country."
Dec 30, 2013 caltrop_head commented on Rent a Video.
If you weren't going before, moving it closer won't make you go now, and will only disenfranchise all the people in N. Seattle who do go. Everything can't revolve around Cap Hill, and besides, it's not like that neighborhood keeps every beloved institution open. Seeing as how the Comet went out of business, and it's really only a matter of time before other venues bite it too to be replaced for the Eastside Bridge&Bridge crowd.
Oct 22, 2013 caltrop_head commented on China's Investing Big in Bitcoin.

Pretty certain the market cap of WoW gold is higher than BTC
Oct 22, 2013 caltrop_head commented on China's Investing Big in Bitcoin.
Also worth noting that it's not Baidu as a whole, it's their cloudflare replicant.

Bitcoin is great as a medium of semi-anonymous monetary exchange, but seriously, you are delusional to assume it's going to replace the USD.

I'm still amazed anyone is assuming an editorial in the chinese state newspaper suddenly equals "overtures" from the government. How many times has a US Gov. official gone on TV and said something absolutely idiotic and pointless that never was followed through on?
Oct 15, 2013 caltrop_head commented on Veterans Are Unhappy That Teabaggers Used Them as Political Props.
Rob, I think the issue is that a lot of these vets are old and not terribly well off. Whatever opportunities they have to visit the memorials pertinent to them are pretty limited. It's less "check box a for WWII, " and more "visit the last existing records of my buddies."

So what if they get coopted. It ultimately shows how terrible the American people are at cutting through the bias of our lives.
Oct 4, 2013 caltrop_head commented on Today in the Surveillance State: "Tor Stinks".
Just to clarify, I have no real opinion at the moment on the issue. I just think we need to carefully think about all of this, instead of just assuming that the concept of freedom/privacy we've been raised with is correct (especially when it's never been anywhere near as absolute as most of us think).

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