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Mar 26, 2013 abject funk commented on Be Careful What You Wish for on Prop 8 and DOMA.
To flippantly say race is not physiologically real but gender is ignores some pretty important debates.

Also, to think that courts should not decide that what is the "accepted definition" of something might need some constitutional scrutiny is also odd.

Berube put it rather well...

Feb 26, 2013 abject funk commented on Seattle Times Refuses to Correct Obvious Error in "Watchdog Story" Cited as Reason to Subscribe to the Seattle Times.
Thanks Teslick @34, that was big of you (and I mean that). Meanwhile, @31, you have this legal thing backwards. Public figures must prove malicious intent to win in a defamation suit (knowing the facts were wrong, were going to be damaging, and publishing them anyway). Non-public figures such as Mr. Martin have a much lower burden. Accusing someone of criminal activity (using some else's credit card without authorization) may or may not satisfy this burden. Point is, if I am famous I have a much harder time proving you are defaming me than if I am a normal citizen such as Mr. Martin. You have it exactly bass-ackwards in terms of what needs to be proven.
Feb 26, 2013 abject funk commented on Seattle Times Refuses to Correct Obvious Error in "Watchdog Story" Cited as Reason to Subscribe to the Seattle Times.
@9, thanks for taking more of the Seattle Times bait. Notice the lewd photo and Mr. Martin's alleged actions are separate...they are merely mentioned in the same sentence. Folks like you read it, somewhat digest it, and get the "drift." The Times enjoys plausible deniability (the lewd photo and Mr. Martin are two separate issues, it is not our fault that readers made a connection...)

Sue them, the first mistake was shoddy journalism that appeared in the article. The failure to step up and apologize/make it right is in my opinion, an ongoing effort to damage Mr. Martin when the facts are clear that his story, the report from the Port, and his efforts to correct this matter have all be brought to the attention of the Times. If he gets a lawyer, things will probably change real quick.
Feb 22, 2013 abject funk commented on Study: Airline Fares Are Not Cheaper Than They Would Have Been Under Regulation.
Yeah, and as pointed out above, it isn't as if nearly every airline has had to file for bankruptcy protection or needed direct subsidies in order to make a profit (year after year). They are so smart with money and logistics and planning that they expand their own airports, increase their profits, pay their employees at above inflation levels, and generally are considered a safe investment by everyone. They don't bash unions, overpay their executives, cut service whenever not prohibited by law and in general are taught at MBA schools nationwide as a model of corporate competence.

Oh, wait....
Oct 9, 2012 abject funk commented on The Dumbest Blog Post Ever Written About Seattle.
The author's name is Holden (first name, no offense Dominic) for chrissake.
Oct 4, 2012 abject funk commented on Why Rob McKenna Won the Debate.
I am interested in what Rob has to say and he is a champ for taking on this task, but when his staff includes self-important jackasses like Mr. Pepple it does make me question his judgment.
Aug 16, 2012 abject funk joined My Stranger Face
Aug 16, 2012 abject funk commented on Council Will Vote on Yesler Terrace Package on September 4.
Reporting like this is what makes the Stranger so invaluable. Unfortunately it also reinforces the fact that Seattle does not have a decent daily paper (aside from Slog).