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Dec 2, 2012 superscience commented on Mitt Romney Is a Sad and Lonely Man, and His Loss Will Haunt Him Forever.
Perhaps if Mitt and Ann were able to connect their "suffering" (and, well, if we're counting "not getting to be president/first lady" as suffering, then unless Barack and Michelle spend their days haunting the slog message board, that means that everyone here is "suffering"), ahem, perhaps if Mitt and Ann were able to connect their "suffering" with the suffering their personal dollar-maximization has inflicted on so many lives they've touched, and until they're willing to make amends for all the suffering they've inflicted, and until they're willing to humble themselves enough to admit that their experiences are exactly as valid and important as the experiences of the people they continue to deride as takers, until then, I'm not going to have much sympathy for them.

What they're experiencing is not suffering, though, not real suffering. They're just feeling sore over not getting their way. They're not used to that feeling.

Possibly my favorite thing about electoral democracy, even the flawed electoral democracy we have in America, is that it's one of the few venues where a moneyman with horrible ideas and horrible values can experience the sensation of being told "no."
Sep 19, 2012 superscience commented on Who Thinks We Should Require a Two-Thirds Majority to Raise Taxes?.
Let's put up an initiative requiring a two thirds supermajority to make any funding cuts to any program. Makes about as much sense...
Aug 16, 2012 superscience joined My Stranger Face
Aug 16, 2012 superscience commented on Ann Romney on Her Hidden Tax Returns: "There's Nothing We're Hiding".…

"you can always tell a blind trust what it can and cannot do."