Feb 6, 2015 JR77 commented on Adorable or Deplorable? My New Two-Word Architecture Column!!.
I think Deplorable / Tolerable would be a better fit for these architectural mediocrities.
Nov 3, 2014 JR77 commented on Hollaback!, Queen Latifah, Anti-Street Harassment, and the Decline of Hiphop.
Charles, you are off-base here.
While a critique of the editing of the video may be appropriate, dismissing the entire project as BS because Queen Latifah called it back in 1993 effectively dismisses the legitimate concerns of women of ALL races. Can we not walk down the street without constant comments and harassment? Must we fear for our daughters and teach them they cannot move about freely as their brothers can? If a woman acknowledges unsolicited attention, you can bet she will be blamed for whatever follows. If she ignores it, she's a bitch. And if she confronts the harasser, he may do REAL violence to her.
Few women could pull off QL's strategy, although it makes for a nice fantasy.
Oct 1, 2013 JR77 commented on No Answers from Artist Trust on Demographic Diversity, and How I Act on a Panel.
If Artist Trust doesn't track the demographics of applicants, it can't look at the implications of those numbers over time. We don't really have enough data here to draw conclusions about bias... and that's not acceptable. If fewer women or people of color are applying for awards, yes, it follows that proportionally fewer will likely receive them. However, we don't have to accept that's just "how the cookie crumbles." We can ask Artist Trust what steps they might take to broaden the applicant pool in future years.

They should also track the demographics of jury panels. When was the last time a panel was composed completely of ethnic minorities? Whites? All women? All men? Jurors are human beings and human beings have biases. A healthy mix of backgrounds, gender, age, and expertise is difficult but not impossible to achieve.
Feb 14, 2013 JR77 commented on Charles Krafft Is a White Nationalist Who Believes the Holocaust Is a Deliberately Exaggerated Myth.
Thanks Jen for taking on a difficult topic. I've kept Charlie Krafft as a FB "friend" solely to remind myself that racism and anti-semitism are alive and well in my community. It's upsetting to read the comments beneath his posts, both for the racist name-calling and the tremendous amount of energy expended on the construction of elaborate theories designed to blame the victims of historical atrocities. These people see evil jewish overlords behind every rock. They are ridiculous, but ignoring their ideas is dangerous.
Nov 9, 2012 JR77 commented on Our Crying President.
Charles, you get an F in Empathy 101. The Pres was exhausted, grateful, and overcome with emotion for a few moments....BFD. I appreciate seeing his human side.
Sep 10, 2012 JR77 commented on It’s Time to Freak Out About Climate Change.
Good article, and there should be many more like it.... In fact, this should be a constant topic of intelligent and urgent discussion at all levels of media and society. But that would be on some other planet, right? ....

Science has been looking at this question for over three decades now, and the scientific consensus is well-established. The writer wisely does not take on the task of spelling out the science once again -- there are hundreds of articles that do that effectively. He is looking at the human response, and judging from many of the comments here, and the political landscape, we're screwed. Some people think a cool summer in Seattle means we have nothing to worry about... wow. Just stay under that rock, you'll be fine.

Aug 21, 2012 JR77 commented on Voting While Prejudiced.
I disagree with the comment that the writer is "beating a dead horse" here.
This follow-up piece is most welcome. Truly, it IS appalling that a candidate who did no campaigning or fundraising and was rated "unqualified" got 40% of the vote. The salient points here are that:
- Many voters are uninformed on judicial races and "name pick",
- Our system of "electing" judges is a crapshoot, and
- Latent or overt racism certainly plays a role in elections.
Now, what are we going to DO about it?

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